A Women’s Guide to Buying a New Car: Internet Secrets Car Salesmen Don’t Want You to Know

A Women's Guide to Buying a New Car

Women are buying new cars in record numbers, yet some still think they need a man to help them with the process. Many women find the task of buying a car to be too overwhelming, they think they don’t know enough about engines, and brakes, and interior and exterior to make an informed decision; this should not be the case. While most women are not the car enthusiasts many men claim to be, they do have access to the same information as men, via the internet. The internet is a women’s best friend when it comes to purchasing a new car.

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When buying a new car make sure you do your research. When you go to the dealership you should be armed with information regarding how much the dealership paid for the car you want to purchase. This information is readily available on websites such as primemotorsleasing.com. Any thing a buyer would ever need to know is spelled out in layman’s terms on these sites. The website is very user friendly . If you need to know the difference in the price of a Honda Odyssey with leather or a Honda Odyssey with cloth interior, the information is available to you at the click of your mouse. If you need to know about the 5 lowest priced sedans on the road, that information is at your finger tips, as well.

As a general rule there is no reason to ever pay more than five hundred over invoice price, you should never, I repeat never pay MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price) for a vehicle. There is no reason a women can not get a great deal when buying a new car; ladies, negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. If in fact you did your research, car salesmen will not be able to take advantage of you. Car salesmen hate the internet, and for good reason. Gone are the days when consumers did not have the knowledge needed to save money. Chances are your research will pay off and you will spend thousands less than MSRP.

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Another thing to consider is your trade-in. If car salesmen think they will not be able to make money on the “front-side” they will attempt to make money on the “backside” in the form of lowering the price they will pay for your trade-in. Before going to the dealership also check out the Kelly Blue Book , simply plug in the information about your current car and the website will give you a ball park figure for your trade-in. As an example, if the sticker price of the new Honda Odyssey you have been eyeing is $28,985 and the cost is $23,515, you should not pay more than say, $24,000 for the vehicle. Likewise, if the 1997 model Honda Accord you’ve been driving “books” on for $2,600; do not take the $500 the salesmen will initially offer you.

Car salesmen are out to make a dollar and if you seem like an easy target, they will attempt to make money off you. Before going to the dealership arm yourself with the MSRP of the vehicle you want, the cost of the vehicle, including the breakdown of each individual feature, and the price Kelly Blue Book says is the appropriate trade-in price. Yes the car salesmen are probably still going to try to make a dishonest dollar but, if you have this information available you can set them straight, and get a good deal in the process.