How to See your Likes on Instagram on Computer?

How to See your Likes on Instagram on Computer

Instagram is one of the top five social media platforms, which is compatible with mobile and desktop.

It looks easy to install its app from the Google play store and use it on mobile after login into your account. But using, on PC is different from using on mobile apps.

Instagram works the same as Facebook; we can promote our business; can share our thoughts, ideas, pictures, and text messages on our timeline to show our customers and friends.

People promote their business pages and making their page trustworthy if they can buyreal instagram likes.

Your likes play a vital role in achieving your targets; you need proper monitoring of your likes to quickly reach your goals.

It is easy to monitor on mobiles but a little bit different on the computer. We will help you in the below content to know how you can see your Instagram likes on a computer.

What are the Ways to see Instagram Likes on your computer?

What are the Ways to see Instagram Likes on your computer

If you want to see your instagram likes on your computer, follow these two simple ways and see your PC’s instagram likes.

How to see Instagram likes on a computer using a browser extension

We mostly deal with things on a computer using different browser extensions such as Google Chrome, opera mini, etc.

But there are no apps use on browser extensions, then how can we get access to know about our likes on such browsers?

There is an advanced layout for the extension available for web versions of Instagram to use on browsers.

Instagram version on web browsers not works well and difficult to operate, but these extensions make it possible for you to perform Instagram functions such as to view like of your Instagram on Browser.

On the browser version, just use three dots that will appear on the right corner of the extension and get access to see your likes on Instagram. There are many other functions access also provided to you from this menu.

How to see your Instagram Likes using App for PC?

How to see your Instagram Likes using App for PC

If you want to use apps on your computer, then Microsoft store has a solution for you. Windows 10 offers you an excellent store where a lot of apps are available.

You can also find the Instagram app from that store and can use it on your computer.

Download Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 computer and find the Instagram app, now install this app on your computer and use the almost same app as the mobile app of Instagram.

While using the PC Instagram app, you will see the same layout of the app, such as upload photos, videos, and feeds on the top of the page.

While on the bottom, you will see a menu to access your home page, view your profile, search for social networks, and access likes.

Manage all the functions regarding your likes by clicking on that menu at the bottom of the app.

Final Thoughts:

Instagram app is compatible with Mobile and PC, but using it on PC is somehow difficult. But by using Microsoft store or browser extensions, you can get access to all the functions on your computer such, as to see likes for Instagram.

How To Fix Earphones Jack?

How To Fix Earphones Jack

Nowadays many people using mobile phones. Such mobile phones are the common device which is used for so many purposes. Especially one important use of the mobile phone is listening to music and which is used to make the calls. Without the use of earphones the music cannot hear properly. Without any disturbance, the extreme level of enjoyment in listening to music and answering the call is possible via earphones. Then music can experience well in earphones with the regular use. Many users are using earphone in many ways. If your earphone jack affects some problem, then the user will fix those issues without any delay. The first thing is to rectify the problem immediately. It is easy to solve by using the following guide. This is worth buying earphones of DangoBuds, please click a link to proceed further

The Perfect Time to Fix The Ear Jack Problem:

The Perfect Time to Fix The Ear Jack Problem

Initially, if the earphone jack is not working, then identify the earphone is not in broken condition. In that earphone, there is nothing wrong visually, then quickly check with the plug-in condition. After that, check the connection of another device with the appropriate earphone. If any audio hears by the user, then there is a source to find that issue soon. If it is not working in a particular device, the mobile phone connectivity may get disconnected or there is a chance of pairing device is not working. The paired device should work properly. Then check the mobile phone is connected to other devices via Bluetooth.

Now, the mobile or laptop is paired with any wireless earphones or other devices via Bluetooth, there are a possibility in earphone jack will be disabled condition. Generally, recognize this problem at the initial stage. It is a necessary part of finding the source of that issue. It will help to fix this issue quickly. Then navigate to the Bluetooth settings on a mobile phone. And then search the Bluetooth option. Check whether it is on condition. Then find any other device which was paired already. Then disconnect that device from the mobile phone. Use it once for pairing the particular device which you want to get solved.

The Great Option To Fix The Earphone Jack Issue:

In this case, there is an opportunity to sort out this earphone jack issue as well. At that juncture, see the earphone jack once again to look the dust particles and lint gets inside of the earphone buds. Because the dust can block the connection between the jack and earphone. Then the proper cleaning is required to avoid such problem. There are many ways to do such simple dirt removal process. If some lint is found inside of the jack, then the cotton swab is used to remove those unwanted dirt particles.

The Great Option To Fix The Earphone Jack Issue

After that, once again check the audio settings in the appropriate device and restart it further. Make sure the volume level and unique the device too. Every process should be handled in proper. But still, the problem in the earphone jack just shut down the device. Next, restart it once again. If the problem persists, then contact the repairman. Then pay accordingly and fix this issue by the repairman.

How to Tag a time in a Youtube Video Comment?

How to Tag a time in a Youtube Video Comment

YouTube is one of the most widely used platforms not for individuals, but also, many businesses and firms are using YouTube for promoting their campaigns and marketing their products.

With time many new tools are added to YouTube to engage with people and improve their coordination with their visitors.

There is a feature in the YouTube comments section; you can tag a time in the video comment section. It is a new feature and becoming popular and widely used by all of the YouTube channels.

But there is a different way to tag time in comments on android and PC devices. We will guide you about how to tag time in YouTube videos on both devices.

How to tag time in a Video comment using mobile?

How to tag time in a Video comment using mobile

Follow these simple steps to tag time in a video comment if you are using any android device.

  • Start the video by opening the YouTube app on your phone. Then find the time that you want to tag in the comments.
  • Start the video and select the time, now stop the video and say: 7:18. Now navigate the video and find the timestamp format at the bottom.
  • After that, scroll down and tap the option “Add public comment” a box will open, type the timestamp exactly it appears; by doing that, an auto-link will create at that point after adding that in the comment section and this time will highlight when your video run.
  • Now post the blue “Post “arrow; you will find that in the right corner of the comment box; when you do so, a blue-colored link will create.

How to tag time in a Video comment using PC?

How to tag time in a Video comment using PC

For tagging time in video comments using PC, follow these simple steps as given below.

Search videos on YouTube that you want to watch.

Now find the time that you want to tag in the video comments. Navigate and start the video; now select the time and stop your video; let’s say 7:18.

Now go to the bottom of the video, and here on the left corner, you will see the format for the time.

Select your time format; you will see the format in the following format current timestamp/ entire video length.

It will apply on the video as 7:18: 20 but always set the time lesser than the video’s length. You can only set that time on that video, which has a length of 8 minutes or more.

When you have selected the required time, press the below option “Add a public comment.” Now you can enter any of the comments, such as what was happened at 7:18.

Once everything is done, push the comment option your time will post, and it appears as a blue link in the comment section on the video.

What is a simple way to tag time in YouTube video comments?

Due to poor understanding, some people cannot tag time properly; if you want a better format to tag time in a proper form, you should try the online tag generator tool, which is free.

Final Thoughts:

Tag with time in the YouTube videos’ comments is a good way to get your visitors’ attention. But there is some different way to tag time in comments on mobile and desktop. You can tag time yourself and also take help with the tag generator tool for proper time tagging.

How To Reset My Pocket Wi-Fi User And Password?

How To Reset My Pocket Wi-Fi User And Password

Resetting a pocket Wi-Fi user and password is a simple way to protect your secret and avoid unwanted devices to connect with your Wi-Fi. To reset the user and password of the pocket Wi-Fi go to the settings of the pocket Wi-Fi and enter the default username and password. Click the option called quick set up to proceed. You will enter or change your default password for the smart dashboard. Enter your new user and password and click apply or ok. Use the new password to connect your device when you needed.

No changes or effects or make in the internet connection. Select the next option to proceed. Once you select the next option it will give you a guide to proceed with the other steps. Read it thoroughly and tap finish to apply changes. It is the quick and easiest step to makeover the user name and password of the pocket Wi-Fi. It is a secure way of protecting your network range from your nearest person. The person can access your internet or Wi-Fi connection who are around you about twenty meters and who are knows the password of your Wi-Fi. It is the special feature that is preventing your cost and GB of network from some other.

What Are The Needs For Pocket Wi-Fi?

What Are The Needs For Pocket Wi-Fi

The pocket Wi-Fi is a router that will act as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. When you are using the hotspot you just hitting the option called hotspot. In this, you just press and hold the power button. The pocket Wi-Fi device needs a SIM card which supplies the internet to wireless connection devices like smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and so on. It will establish high-speed broadband connectivity that can be shared by the different users at a time. The sharing capacity will be restricted to ten users at a time. So that you can share your internet with your whole family. You will save a lot and lots of money from this pocket Wi-Fi. It is a less cost-effective device. Everyone can use it for your work or professional work.

Who Needs Pocket Wi-Fi To Give Better Performance?

Who Needs Pocket Wi-Fi To Give Better Performance

A pocket Wi-Fi is the best ideal item for those who need a safe, constant, permanent, strong mobile internet connection. It will be needed by the person who keeps moving and wants to know more. If you are traveling maybe you need to keep the internet connection strong back at home. You want to talk to your family, friends, or colleagues there is a need for pocket Wi-Fi. If you are on a business trip or if you are a businessman internet access is vital for you to give better performance in your work. To know about pocket Wi-Fi device check here, it will create the internet as an access point so you are going to be online as long as you want to use the internet. It is will need the power to work for a while. It will give you a network constantly till your data pack is over.

Is the Answer Yes or No?

Is the Answer Yes or No

Do you have experience using a yes or no generator? No? A yes or no generator can solve many of your questions stuck in your mind and make you frustrated.

You have to think a lot to get the answer, but your mind always makes you confused in thinking that is the answer yes or no.

How could you carry on your life activities quickly if you are always stuck with simple questions and cannot get a comfortable and better solution to your simple problems by saying “yes or no.”

To get rid of such situations, try yes or no generators, and solve the simple tasks quickly.

How can a yes or no generator help me know, “is the answer yes or no?”

How can a yes or no generator help me know, is the answer yes or no

If there is a question that has to answer yes or no, you cannot decide yourself and become confused about the answer, yes or no.

A yes or no generator is a computer-assisted tool available free of cost and provides you unexpected results to your questions.

How much probability of random answers?

A yes or no generator has an equal probability of yes or no answers; people say there is a 50, 50 probability for both answers.

But experts say that there is a 50.03 percent chance of “yes” and 49.97 percent chance of “no,” which is almost fifty, fifty.

So, we can rely on the random answers by a yes or no generator, which is not biased, and there are equal chances of every answer when we spin the generator.

For what questions can I use a yes or no generator?

We can use a yes or no generator for all of the questions which need “is the answer yes or no.”

You can answer questions such as funny, love questions, decisions about minor nature routine decisions, and games-related questions.

How to try a yes or no generator

How to try a yes or no generator?

If you want to know the answer to your question, does that go for a picnic? Then you can get the answer from the yes or no generator by following way.

  • Select the yes or no from the mode menu.
  • Then press the spin or browse button.
  • Yes or no generator will start processing.
  • After a couple of moments answer, “yes or no “will appear on the screen.

Can I use the Yes or No generator for all of my life questions?

Many people who love to spend their lives on luck rely on these yes or no generators, but we do not recommend you to rely on that generator for making serious nature decisions.

It is suitable for making minor nature decisions or can use it for fun and enjoyment.

Final Thoughts:

Many questions in our lives can be solved by simply answering yes or no, but we sometimes stop for more time to respond in yes or no due to confusion. But a yes or no generator can help you decide about that question by merely responding as “yes or no” quickly by spinning the generator wheel.

Why do People Wear Watches?

Why do People Wear Watches

Watches are the best tools that everyone used for. It is the real way to watch the time anywhere. People cannot take up the phone and look at what time is however, they have wristwatch to check out the perfect timings-

For the time being, most of the individuals who are wearing watches, wear them as a frill a bit of gem that upgrades their style and appearance. The watch is to an enormous degree viewed as the solitary genuine bit of gems that men can wear without risking putting on a show of being female.

Ladies have a lot of frill and bits of adornments to choose from, from rings, wristbands, satchels, and substantially more, but men, for the most part, talking battle more to pull that off, but a watch is an embellishment that consistently works, regardless. A good looking watch can significantly improve your appearance, just as be coordinated to the outfit you’re wearing, and this is, as referenced, presumably the most well-known explanation individuals wear a watch.

Back in the days, individuals cared next to know about how their wristwatches looked. Indeed, a couple of chosen people began wearing golden watches and so on but for quite a while, wristwatches were viewed as an instrument, not a bit of gem.



What number of times have you heard individuals contend that they don’t require a watch because they have a telephone?

But indeed it is significantly easier to take a gander at your wrist for the time than to attempt to fish in your pocket for your telephone. Furthermore, checking the time is easy and can be done surprisingly fast, but envision fishing for your telephone and afterward pulling it up while in a gathering just to check the time. That is something that would be viewed as highly discourteous. This doesn’t just go for gatherings, but you can think of various places and events where it would be viewed as improper and discourteous to take up your telephone, regardless of whether you’re just going to check the time, but wearing a watch dispenses with that issue.

Another way that wearing a watch is advantageous is when you don’t have any pockets or for some other explanation can’t convey your telephone with you. Your watch, then again, is in every case safely attached to your wrist, regardless.

Watches are easy-to-see time

Watches are easy-to-see time

The vast majority belittles the massive craftsmanship that goes into making a high-end timepiece and even into some lower-end watches.

A watch is a watch, but it is a bit of craftsmanship which somebody, contingent upon what watch you wear, has been chipping away at for quite a long time. Moreover, because of the monstrous craftsmanship, wearing a watch permits you to convey workmanship, history, and an image of the convention, and when you understand just how much work that has gone into a decent timepiece, you will in general like significantly more. Compare that with a telephone that has been produced without the entirety of that. A few watches can take many hours to make others considerably more than that, and the quantity of years that go into building up a high-level timepiece to accomplish the precision and dependability is astounding.

There are numerous manners by which a timepiece can be acknowledged as workmanship and a beautiful bit of craftsmanship. What we frequently hear is the thankfulness for cutting edge mechanical developments that have minuscule parts in it to eventually make it tick, and afterward, we have staggering dials, created with incredible regard for subtleties, right to entirely planned armbands and cases. To consider more reasons about why people wear watches, you can go to

Why Should I use a Bookkeeping Service?

Why Should I use a Bookkeeping Service

Bookkeeping services help you to file all your payrolls and taxes to utilizes the advantage of the tax. It is known as the simple and technically improved software, which helps to track all your financial status. It helps you to record or recovering money that is related to the exchange for an individual, organization, company, enterprise, and so on. It is the best idea to speed up the disposition of the financial states, exchange, recording, and recovering of transactions. It will give you lots of time to manage your exchange, transaction, and tax of the business without worry about the financial crisis. The bookkeeping services help you to prepare every transaction and financial record. Bookkeeping will be providing a huge time to concentrate on your business, and enterprise and plan your future. It also helps you to fulfill your plans perfectly and satisfactorily.

Benefits of using bookkeeping services

Benefits of using bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping is used to recording and recovering all the money-based criteria such as exchanges of company, organization, and so on. Bookkeeping will record all the financial details on a day-to-day premise. The benefit of using the bookkeeping service is, it saves more time and money on the file record. It will do all the helps, records, recovery, and another process for you. The bookkeeping services are having the latest and advanced technology knowledge, so do all your recording file process very quick and understandable. The bookkeeping services providing the up-to-date file and record of the financials. It will help you to understand your business requirements and the financials of your business. It fully depends on the systemized model to deliver the records. There is no need to manage or train the bookkeepers to provide the intellectual financial records. Ken bell accounting is one of the best bookkeeping services, which suites exactly for every size of enterprise or business. It is suitable for every kind and size of the business. The main motive of the ken bell accounting is providing the satisfied financial records for the business.

Highly secured environment of bookkeeping service

Highly secured environment of bookkeeping service

The ken bell account will be preparing all your returns and exchanges of taxes. It will be completing your financial details very quicker and easier.  They are providing top-notch and clearly explained details of the records. The ken bell accounting is the best talent and intellectual sources that provide the highly secured environment to store and recover the records of financials. Ken bell accounting provides the free and open-source software to record and maintain the financial details. It will give your business benefits and stress-free tax records. It will main all of your profit, loss records, balance, income, and on. The bookkeeping service providing you a stress-free, and peace of mind. You feel relax about your tax and finance of your individual and business. You can clarify your doubts from the service provider without making any hesitations. They help you at any time. The ken bell accounting and booking services are providing the highly secured encryption methods for security.

How to Use Neuro Linguistic Programming?

How to Use Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro linguistic programming is a psychological technique developed in the 1970s for mental health practices.

It is also named NLP, which is an abbreviation of Neuro-linguistic programming.

You can use this technique on others or yourself to make changes in behavior, thoughts, and feelings about getting the desired results.

We will provide you a detailed guideline if you plan to use it yourself, which will help you use the NLP technique at home.

But for work as a practitioner, you can get certification after attending NLP training workshops online or offline.

How to Use NLP Yourself?

How to Use NLP Yourself

If you plan to get support from that technique and want to use it yourself, follow these simple rules, and get your desired positive results.

Rule 1:

Thinking positively is also a key to living a happy life, so when you plan for your future, then make positive goals for your future.

Do not make you irritated and tense by thinking about negative things.

For example:

Think about the plans which give you more satisfaction than thinking about simple and short time goals, which are the only steps towards those goals.

When you face hardships in achieving some goals, think about the satisfaction you will achieve to achieve that goal.

Rule 2:

There is nobody sincere with us other than ourselves. So, make it your habit of talking with yourself.

But what is your way to talk with yourself also matters, try to make positive questions from yourself.

Make questions about your future and your plans, but convince your mind to respond positively.

For Example:

Instead of thinking, I cannot do that, think about how I can do that and change the situation.

Rule 3:

The third rule in NLP use is that it makes images of your past events and feels how you feel about them.

For that purpose, make an image of your events, but when pictures make you irritated, you need editing in the picture with some positive things.

For Example

Think about events that make you irritated and make an image of these events; while it irritates, quit from that point and start thinking about good events and feel how better you are feeling now.

Rule 4:

You should mess with negative things in your mind with a positive attitude.

For example

If you make a question about something and your mind respond that you cannot do it.

Make changes in your tone and repeat your voice in a different loving and caring way, then feel how better you feel now.

Rule 5:

Visualize colors about your future plan and connect them with reality and feel how it looks.

For example:

You want to go to a wedding party, think about which color will suit you.

For example

You select yellow color, now imaging yourself in yellow color and feel about yourself looking, now think about how better you feel after imagine yourself in a yellow dress.

Final Thoughts:

Neuro-linguistic programming is a helpful technique to handle different unwanted conditions in your life.

There are many techniques used in NLP; some we have provided you in the above content.

How to Boost Muscle Growth Naturally?

How to Boost Muscle Growth Naturally

You may find here that bodybuilders use supplements to gain muscle growth; no doubt supplements play a vital role in muscle growth, but there are also side effects of using supplements that arise later.

What is the best to grow muscles? There is no best choice than the natural growth of muscles. You will not become stronger and bigger, but it is also a safe way for you, long-lasting.

Natural muscle growth means making some changes in your workouts, diet plan, and routines of your life; you can naturally grow your muscles without using supplements.

What are some natural ways to grow muscles naturally?

What are some natural ways to grow muscles naturally

Some natural ways will help you to grow your muscles naturally.

Enhance amounts of calories intake

You should maintain a level of calories in your body. If you eat less food and burn all your calories, you will become thinner with the workout.

If you are doing a regular workout, you also need to increase your calories source food items; an average requirement of calories for men is 24 calories, while for women, it is 2000 calories.

Intake heavy proteins in breakfast

Breakfast is a must for us if we are working for muscle growth. Start your day with protein-rich food intake. Make it your habit to eat eggs, yogurt, or other protein rich foods in breakfast.

Our metabolic system works very strongly in the morning, so when we get more proteins, the metabolism of proteins is done quickly.

Eat frequently in a day but a small dinner.

Eating more does not mean more food at a time; you should eat 4 to 5 times a day for muscle growth. It will help us to maintain the calorie level in our body.

The metabolic system works strongly, so eat frequently, but our metabolic system works slowly at night, so take less amount of food in your dinner.

Drink a sufficient amount of water

Water is an essential element for metabolism, so if you want to naturally grow your muscles, drink more water.
Make it your routine to drink water frequently to maintain hydration levels in your body. You should drink 10 to 12 glasses of water a day.

Get more vegetables and Fruits:

Make it your habit to eat fruits and vegetables with your breakfast and lunch. Fruits and vegetables are sources of proteins, fibers, and saturated fats, which help us in muscle growth.

Increase Workout activities

Increase Workout activities

You should increase your workout volume and frequency than your routine workout; it will help your body maintain the synthesize of proteins in your body and make your muscle bigger and stronger.

Get more sleep

It is also necessary to take proper sleep. Sleep makes us fresh and energetic, so take a minimum of 8 hours of sleep daily. Many other ways can help you grow your muscles naturally. But when you opt for nutritional intake for growing muscles, visit this link to avoid scams.

Final Thoughts:

Many of us try to make muscles, but they use supplements for muscle growth. Supplements are good for muscle growth, but they also have side effects.

A better and safe way of muscle growth is a natural way to follow these simple ways in your routine and naturally grow your muscles.

How You Can Mine EOS Cryptocurrency?

When you decided to start mining cryptocurrency, there are a lot of things you need to consider before you switch to the hardware. Make sure to purchase the system that provides high scalability or great in transactions to do. The blockchain was introduced as an accurate environment for decentralized applications. Moreover, it is compared to the main things. Some might even call the currency is an Ethereum killer. There is a question about how you can also in the same way. Now you can get all the facts about EOS mining.

About Cryptocurrency

The EOSIO platform was started in 2017 by a private company Block. one. To acquaint the EOS cryptocurrency with the network and guarantee its widespread distribution, Block. one allocated one billion EOS tokens. Back around then, EOS cryptocurrency was only an ERC-20 token, which became an autonomous element in 2018 when the EOS main net was launched. From that point forward, the EOS rate has been meeting good and bad times, but the money has never left the best 20 coins according to the market capitalization.

Pick more details about EOS cryptocurrency. It is a significant popular solicitation. One can’t mine in the same way as you mine. The answer to the initial inquiry is basic: EOS mining is outlandish.

How You Can Start Mine?

The EOS blockchain is based on the Delegated Proof of Stake DPoS agreement algorithm which doesn’t need excavators. Instead, DPoS based platforms have a gathering of validators that sign the squares and maintain the blockchain in general. On account of EOS, 21 square makers play out the function of excavators by validating squares. The EOS people group chooses each of them.

  • However, if you already have a mining rig for, suppose, Ethereum, it is conceivable to ‘mine’ EOS through ETH. EOS ‘mining’ takes three stages:
  • Create ETH and EOS wallets;
  • Join an Ethereum mining pool, set up your hardware, and start mining Ethereum ETH solo.
  • After you generate some Ether, convert it to EOS utilizing the exchange platform. You can also exchange ETH to EOS swiftly via Changelly.

Become A Block Producer

EOS has a solid network that is a motor for the entire organization. By staking EOS tokens, clients vote in favor of a particular square maker thereby elevating BP’s situation to the main 21. When you choose to become a reliable square maker, you have to demonstrate your utility to the network.

Wrap Up-

There are several ways to mine. The mining provides access to save a good fortune on the expensive mining while block producing will bring the profit to you after spending a lot of time. The easiest way to exchange the Crypto coin or purchase is a reliable Crypto exchange. Furthermore, you can consider more details about Eos Mining. If you still have any doubt, you have to do a free search online. It will be benefited to be a professional while start mining with no doubts.