Medical Equipment Grants- Maintain Independence

Medical Equipment Grants

The cost of medical treatments can sometimes become unpayable if you don’t have a proper medical insurance policy. There are various reasons behind the high cost of medical treatments. Almost as costly as medical treatment can be the equipment needed to either recover health, maintain employment, or maintain independence. There are grants in place to create funding support for those who need the equipment but cannot afford to pay, but (with the exceptions of a few variations) each requires certain steps to be followed in order to ensure eligibility.

When applying to receive grant money for medical equipment the first thing to do is ensure that you have all the documentation you need. The documentation, in general, needs to cover:

Maintain Independence

Primary disability

Secondary disability

Employment history

Family gross income

Monthly expenses (living and medical)

Health insurance information

Name, age, and relationship of dependants.

Each organization you apply to may have more, or varying, requirements as to documentation to be provided.

Many funding agencies, especially if government, may require a Justification Statement. This is a statement written by the applicant’s beneficiary, doctor, or therapist to (as the name implies) justify the need for the particular equipment. The equipment must be proven to help the applicant find or maintain employment, or, if the employment is not an option for the applicant, proven to help the person maintain and independent style of life, look at more info.

There is a very long list of organizations who can provide financial aid for medical equipment. Government funds can be gained through such methods as Medicaid, Medicare, Veteran’s Administration, Tricare, and State Technology Assistance Programs. Private insurance is certainly helpful, though you will need to check your policy closely to ensure that the needed equipment is covered. If it is not covered, or only partially covered, you may get help in paying for the equipment through such entities as United Healthcare Children’s Foundation (as an example).

Private organizations cannot be ruled out as an option. Many organizations are there to financially help those requiring medical equipment of any sort. The Challenged Athlete’s Foundation has a program that helps physically disabled people pursue an active life through athletics. The Life without Limbitations Foundation is geared towards people, especially children, who require prosthetic care. A person’s inability to pay for medical equipment need not hinder them from living a full and active life, it is only a matter of finding the funding that is compatible with the equipment they need.

High Blood Pressure Causes Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure Causes Heart Disease

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is the leading risk factor for heart disease. The information technology revolution, which has taken great leaps in our generation, has transformed the workplace into a rampant machinery for a sedentary lifestyle.

When the worker returns home after a nine-to-five job, primetime TV programming begins. After spending eight hours sitting in front of the computer, he returns home to become a couch potato. The usual cliché about the couch potato is the inescapable food-binging associated with TV viewing, and these foods are usually salty and sugary, like popcorn and soda.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

Causes of High Blood Pressure

Hypertension happens when arterioles – small branches of an artery – become stiff and inflexible. This condition increases resistance to blood flow. The heart must exert more effort in pumping blood. The surging blood damages arterial walls, making them susceptible to plaque build-up. This plaque build-up leads to atherosclerosis, the hardening of the arteries. Hardened arteries force the heart to exert more effort in pumping blood, increasing pressure. This vicious cycle leads to heart disease.

The increased pressure can also rupture blood vessels in the brain, causing stroke, or in the abdomen, causing abdominal aortic aneurysm, learn more.

High Blood Pressure the Greatest Risk Factor for Heart Disease

High blood pressure is considered the greatest risk factor for heart disease. Since it is initially largely without symptoms, hypertension is dubbed as “the silent killer.”

High blood pressure seems more prevalent in individuals of Afro-Caribbean stock, and those from the Indian subcontinent. Men under 55 are more likely to have high blood pressure than women, but when women reach 55 they tend to catch up and even overtake men.

Risk Factors for High Blood Pressure

Genetics may account for 30% of most cases. Higher than normal fluid content in the bloodstream puts one at greater risk. This abnormal levels of fluid in the bloodstream are due to a salty diet (sodium retains water). The condition is made worse by narrower, stiffer arteries. This development is often the result of many factors, which leads to atherosclerosis, like the lack of exercise, being overweight, chronic stress and/or diabetes.

A sedentary lifestyle is a major contributor to hypertension, considering that more physical activity leads to better metabolism – the most important of which is the flushing out of excess salt in the bloodstream. Inactivity also promotes weight gain, and weight gain leads to insulin resistance. Diabetes, in turn, is a major risk factor not only for hypertension but also for heart disease. A sedentary lifestyle inclines towards the domino effect of one medical condition piling on top of another.

Stress is also a major risk factor for high blood pressure. Stress hormones make the heart beat faster and cause arteries to narrow, which raises blood pressure. Drugs known as ACE inhibitors lower blood pressure by controlling these hormones.

Blood Pressure Index

Blood Pressure Index

Blood does not flow in a steady stream but in spurts. Blood pressure is thus expressed in two numbers, (for example, 120/80). The number on top indicates systolic pressure, which is the peak force when the heart contracts and pumps blood into the circulation. The number below is the diastolic pressure, which is the pressure exerted when the heart rests between beats.

Blood pressure is:

  • normal – if systolic/diastolic pressure is less than 120/ and less than 80
  • pre-hypertensive – if 120-139/80-89
  • stage 1 hypertensive – if 140-159/90-99
  • stage 2 hypertensive – if greater than 160/greater than 100

The transient rise of blood pressure during exercise is healthy, and should not be alarming unless you already have hypertension and/or atherosclerosis. Too much exercise in counterproductive, as it stresses the heart and puts more pressure on arteries.

Movie Review: The Karate Kid (2010)

Movie Review

2010’s remake of The Karate Kid proves it: Have a good-looking black kid, make the music black, and give the kid a more outspoken black mom and you can expect the movie to be a better catch with the youth. But in a movie that owes its very existence to an older and better film, we must not be superficial in our judgment.

So I won’t be concerned in my review with what seemed to be worth mentioning to some critics, like that the movie should have been called “The Kung Fu Kid” since young Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) learns Kung Fu instead of Karate, or that Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) doesn’t look good with facial hair. But some things we just can’t ignore, like Dre’s hairstyle.

Smith is cool and convincing with or without that hair, but it’s there, hanging off his head, just to remind viewers born after 1995 that he’s open – or at least not against – weed-smoking (if not now, then some day). It likewise serves to reinforce the semi-fact that listening to reggae attracts the younger hotties. And Dre digs jamming to rappy cell phone tunes and doing “the robot” version of break-dancing-what better way to bag a 14-year-old babe?

With a pointless remake like this one, these things only have value when built into new faces and bodies designed to appeal to the youth. That’s all you have-the Karate Kid made over with new and fresh talent.

But on another note, I kept wondering: Would an easily-winded Chinese master working as a maintenance man even have to spend this much energy fighting bully kids? Better yet, how many kids are so ballsy as to fight adults? Let any authority figure tell them to run off and they’ll do it. It’s that way all over the world…except in movies that exist because of – or are inspired by – 1980s writing.

Movie Review

This Kung Fu maintenance man also knows ancient Chinese healing secrets that work instantly. Now all that’s missing is that flute-accompanied solemn meditation music and a red and white headband. But of course, Mr. Han speaks of “peace” and repeats words unnecessarily, like “focus.” And he is reluctant to teach young Dre anything at first. But it’s the Chinese gangs that are the funniest.

The gangs in China walk up to the girls they want to impress who are sitting in public areas, and say: “You should be studying!” instead of “You should go out with me!” That sounds like an American stereotype to me. Planet-saving Chinese and violin prodigies only confirm my suspicion.

Jaden Smith as the new Karate Kid isn’t as much of a hopeless wimp that Ralph Macchio was as the first one, and that works against the film. Jaden has his pride, but Macchio was really the kind of kid that gets beat up, not Jaden’s type. Jaden has too much charisma to be on the receiving end of bullying very often. You can look at him and tell.

The 1984 Karate Kid, from which the new Karate Kid emerges as a virtual clone, taught us that kicking ass with Karate was so, so freaking’ cool, regardless of the circumstances. Poor Chinese…they have tried to shake the stigma of everyone knowing and doing karate in gardens and nearly everywhere else, but the 80s wouldn’t have it. The 80s also gave us a fascination with bully payback. That fascination still remains today, and not just click here for more info.

What gets me is that here is a pretty Chinese girl, Meiying (Wenwen Han) taking what amounts to an unlikely interest in a foreigner, this black kid whose family puts little emphasis on learning the language of where they live. Dre’s friend, Harry (Luke Carberry) tells Dre: “You’re in China. It might be a good idea to learn to speak it.”

Also irking me-Audiences don’t deserve to see kids doing long, dramatic, slowed-down punches. The fight scenes do get better than the initial bullying showdowns, especially during the tournament. But the kicker is, why wasn’t Dre messed with back at home? Now, he’s in China as the picked-on foreigner that gets beat up and taken advantage of. The implication is supposed to be that he’s not a match because the Chinese know Karate and Kung Fu and all that jazz, and that makes them more dangerous than simple Americans who do haymaker swings and get their charge attacks dodged and stepped out of the way from. Another “bullshito” stereotype, I assure you.

Movie Review online

Want facts? Fact is that Asians are the single most targeted class for muggings and hold-ups because of their small statures and lack of threatening instincts or training. They are far less likely to put up a fight. But this stereotype-relying re-make could care less. The martial arts thugs who wear what looks like polo shirts are supposed to be the best and baddest.

The entire movie is reduced to one emphatic sigh: “oh, gee whiz! A man can beat up bully kids and another kid can’t? Nothing big there! Get over it! It’s called growing up!” Instead of going to the principal to resolve the concerns about violence, Dre’s new trainer agrees to enter him into a tournament to fight martial arts bad-asses when the kid has no training. Doesn’t sound like a smart idea.

And Mother, Sherry Parker (Taraji P. Henson) is not very concerned with her son spending all this inordinate amount of time with an old dude who teaches martial arts, but with no other students. Hmmm. One bad accusation of inappropriate conduct could have done him in. People think about things like that in the 2000s. It was less than a passing concern in the 1980s.

The film was a do-nothin’ thumb-twiddler, the kind you play with while waiting to see the dentist. It adds nothing new and it’s not up to today’s standards. This mother moves the family to China for her career (whatever that was), but she doesn’t seem the type. She’s not too sharp and she doesn’t keep up with the signs of school bullying, a thing most successful, modern parents have gotten wise to. The movie never reaches its potential in what it sets out to do. Dre could have been sassier, more stubborn, and funnier.

Mr. Han, unlike Mr. Miyagi, is conflicted and not as at peace with himself as a master should be. At every turn, so many opportunities for spirited dialogue are missed where character nuances could have been added to augment the general thoughtlessness and cheap copying from the original.

The martial arts are said to be tools for building mental discipline and wisdom that affects all areas of life and living, but the bullies belong to a school of martial arts that openly spouts hatred, violence, and no mercy. Even the dojo instructor threatens with pain those who come into his establishment. Such is very unbecoming conduct of an established master.

Within the first hour of the film, every Chinese symbol is thrown in to make things more…”Chinese-y”? Yin-Yan symbols, Chinese housetops, mountains and valleys, and courtyards where uniformed practitioners of the ancient arts train, etc. They all love the color red, and some of them taunt cobra snakes on ledges where they could slip and fall to their deaths in the course of a routine exercise.

Laser Teeth Whitening – Why is it so Advantageous?

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is a relatively new technique that is gaining popularity in the recent years. There numerous teeth whitening techniques like bleaching, toothpaste, tooth powder, chewing gum etc. Different techniques will take different amount of time to show results. Although the expected result is having white teeth – the whiteness achieved from different techniques may not always be the same. When compared to other teeth whitening techniques, it is more effective and advantageous. It is also comparatively costly, but the results are much more effective and so it is still a better option. Because of its effectiveness and advantages, it is gaining more and more popularity these days. Many clinics have started offering it as a standard procedure. Because of its effectiveness, it is more popularly known as “power whitening”.

Laser Teeth Whitening - Why is it so Advantageous

There are a number of reasons why teeth get stained. It is very important to maintain proper oral hygiene to have healthy teeth. If proper oral hygiene is not maintained, it can lead to bacterial infections. Bacteria produce harmful chemical compounds which damage the surface of the teeth and lead to discoloration. Another common cause of teeth discoloration is smoking. Smoking cigarettes produces tar which gets deposited on the teeth, causing discoloration. Once stains form on the teeth, they can be very difficult to remove. Even thorough brushing will not remove them effectively. Teeth whitening procedures are the only effective option in such cases.

Conventional whitening techniques involve the use of a bleaching agent which removes the stains from the teeth. Bleaching agents are unstable chemical compounds which breakdown to release oxygen. This oxygen reacts with the stains and removes them. Laser teeth whitening also involves application of bleaching agents just like conventional whitening techniques. However, the bleaching agent is unique because it is sensitive to laser light. It absorbs energy from the laser beam, breaks down and bleaches the stains. When compared to conventional techniques, laser whitening is much more effective.

Laser teeth whitening is a little costly

Laser teeth whitening is a little costly. However, it is very effective and so the extra money is worth the better results it provides. If you’re thinking of getting a teeth whitening procedure, laser teeth whitening is the best option available to you. It is known as “power whitening” for this reason. You can start by contacting your dentist to inquire if it is an option available in your case. You should also contact your dental insurance company to check over here if they provide cover.

Astronomy – Hunting Comets with a Meade GPS Telescope & DSLR

Astronomy – Hunting Comets with a Meade GPS Telescope & DSLR

Comets can appear to come from any direction of the sky at any moment. According to the location of the sky where they make their appearance, they can become very bright before they are noticed; but this is usually because they appeared in an area of the sky that is not searched and/or accessible to the professional sky survey programs. For an amateur astronomer to discover a new comet, he/she should search areas of the sky that the sky survey programs avoid.

Amateur Comet Hunting – The Basics

Amateur Comet Hunting – The Basics

Amateur astronomers – those who are also comet hunters – are still very active and still discover comets each year. Some of the “seasoned” comet hunters still sit in front of their telescope – peeking through the eyepiece, while some have converted over to digital techniques such as computer controlled telescopes with astronomical CCD cameras, or modified Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras (DSLR) to help detect objects fainter than the eye can visually detect.

When comet hunting visually, the larger the telescope (such as a 16” or 18” reflector), the better the possibility of picking up a new comet while scanning the skies. But take caution, if your telescope is too large to set-up by yourself, you will likely end up with a back injury or get frustrated with the aggravation of setting-up the telescope and finally give up.

When searching for comets – especially visually – the method of “scanning the sky” is commonly done in a sweeping method. This sweeping method is determined by the person who is doing the comet hunting. There are really no standard methods to search for comets, but focus must be spent to thoroughly cover certain areas of the sky. Too, a detailed sky chart is a must to eliminate any false comets. We have provided you detail about astronomy; if you want to explore your knowledge, look at more info.

Comet Hunting Equipment – The Meade Telescope and Canon DSLR

Equipment to search for comets will likely vary according to your own desired specifications, needs, requirements, and what you can afford. This can vary from a standard pair of binoculars, a wide field 50mm refractor, 0.50-meter light-bucket reflector, a DSLR – the list can go on-and-on.

This set of information will cover comet hunting with the Meade LX200 GPS and a Canon DSLR. The Canon DSLR has become a very popular camera for astrophotography. This camera is easily connected to the Meade LX200 GPS and both the camera and telescope can be controlled by a computer.

Initially, the Meade LX200 must be properly polar aligned, and must be capable of performing accurate slews (moving from various locations in the sky). A variation of software packages can be used to control the telescope, or it can be controlled manually. Basically, the comet hunter must be able to image an area; slew to and image another area; and repeat this until several areas have been imaged. This should be repeated until each area has been imaged at least three times over a period of no less than an hour.

Scanning DSLR Pictures for New Comets

Scanning DSLR Pictures for New Comets

When hunting for new comets, the images are normally visually scanned. Be on the look-out for fuzzy objects that appear to slightly move between each image. It will take a little experience to learn how comets move in images and practice will be needed to pick them out.

A “blinking” program will likely improve your possibilities for detecting comets. The program will use your images and, in a way, play a movie of the images that you have collected. These images will need to be of the same area. If properly done, the images will be aligned, and when blinked, the stars will appear to remain stationary and any minor planets such as comets will show their movement.

One of the most effective programs for blinking is Astrometrica.

Areas to Search for Comets

With the sky surveys covering most of the sky, there’s little room left for amateur astronomers to discover comets. Still, at least one comet is discovered per year by an amateur astronomer.

The primary areas of the sky left available for the amateur astronomer to discover comets are typically near the western horizon just after dark and the eastern horizon just prior to daybreak. The sky surveys normally avoid these areas due to their telescope slew limits and the brief amount of time available to search these areas.

Searching the rich field of the Milky Way cloud is also a good area to search. The star fields are rich in this area and the sky survey’s auto-detection software packages have hard times detecting objects in the rich fields. Too, this area is somewhat difficult to search even for the amateur astronomer. Some images can contain thousands of stars – making it difficult for comets to be noticed. But comets have been discovered using this method.

Reporting a Newly Discovered Comet

New comet reports must be submitted to the Minor Planet Center – IAU Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams. Before you decide to report your “potential” newly discovered comet, there are a few things that you MUST check:

  • provide at least two nights of observations and measurements
  • contact a reliable and trustworthy observatory to follow-up on your observations
  • verify that it is not a known comet
  • only submit images if they are requested by the IAU

If you submit false observations to the IAU, they will eventually reject all of your claims. It is important to validate your discovery and be 100% sure that it is real. The information listed here is only a very brief introduction to comet hunting. If you are interested in pursuing this “sport”, spend a lot of time studying this subject and contact some of the well known comet hunters for other comet hunting methods.

Continue Research in Comet Hunting

Continue Research in Comet Hunting

The information listed in this guide only provides a general introduction to comet hunting with a Meade LX200 GPS and DSLR. Those who find this information valuable should continue researching the field of comet hunting before investing a lot of money and time to be wasted if you happen to loose interest.

There are many other methods that can be utilized to search for comets – some cheaper, some more expensive. But no matter how you decide to search for comets, remember that you are performing real research and it should not turn into a job – astronomy should be fun!

How to Relax While on Your Period: Stress Relief for Menstruation

How to Relax While on Your Period: Stress Relief for Menstruation

This once a month visitor is dreaded in many households around the world – mood swings, cramping, bloating, skin breakouts, food cravings, muscle pain and body aches are often attributed to PMS and the period. When stress levels are high the symptoms can become worse too.

Relaxation and menstruation may not seem a likely pair, but with some advance planning stressful periods could become a thing of the past. So grab a cup of tea, a notepad and pen and jot down some of these additional resources.

Plan to Take Care of Yourself Before Your Period Arrives

Plan to Take Care of Yourself Before Your Period Arrives

Some women experience pre-menstrual syndrome in the week or so leading up to their period. Take action in advance to help stay more even keeled before your period arrives:

  • Time out – carve out 10-15 minute breaks for a stress-reducing activity like stretching, meditation, drinking a cup of tea, knitting or drawing.
  • Curb the cravings – don’t set yourself up for an unpleasant sugar or caffeine crash by turning to junk food. Pack fresh fruit and vegetables, nut butters, cheese or other healthy snacks to keep the cravings at bay.
  • Drink water – get creative and add a splash of lemon, lime, cranberry, pomegranate, or other fruit juice concentrate to your water bottle, especially if you’re prone to bloating as your period gets close.
  • Move daily – avoid lethargy and get moving in the days leading up to your period.

Guilt-Free TLC for the Period

Women don’t get a week off every month because their body is uncomfortable and their emotions are closer to the surface. However, treating the body with a little more tender loving care during menstruation can really pay off.

  • Aromatherapy in the shower – to boost spirits place three to four drops of Bergamot essential oil on a washcloth and throw it on the shower floor. The steam from the warm water will lift the oil up to the nose and help balance that mood in the time it takes you to shampoo your hair.
  • Ask for a backrub or footrub – partners and children can be recruited for a little R&R session on the couch. Better yet, book a reflexology appointment for the week of your period for some real balancing and relaxation.
  • Heat therapy – microwavable heating pads, electric heating pads and hot water bottles can be a girl’s best friend while on her period. Pharmacies also carry adhesive heating pads for one time use which can be adhered to the front and/or back of underwear to provide discrete comfort while at work or out running errands.
  • Relaxing rituals – make a monthly date with a foot soak, teapot, puzzle or other relaxing pastime. This routine will be a comfort to come home to and a nice retreat from the usual period downtime of junk food and tear jerker chick flicks.

Adjust Your Schedule to Accommodate Your Period

Adjust Your Schedule to Accommodate Your Period

You know your body, and if every cycle you have painful cramps on the second day, or get a migraine on the last day, adjust your routines. Parents can swap duties for the day, or call in the grandparents to cover childcare or drive the kids to swim practice. Don’t try to be supermom or superwoman when your body is telling you to sit this one out — it will only add to stress levels.

  • Listen to your body and work from home in your bathrobe one day if you need it.
  • Reschedule your personal trainer session and attend a gentle yoga class instead.
  • Take a rain check for a night on the town and opt to meet at the café for tea and girl talk.

Having a period doesn’t mean life comes to a screeching halt, but making allowances for lower energy levels is a smart way to keep the stress down. Women with severe PMS, abnormal period symptoms such as heavy bleeding or very little bleeding should speak with their gynecologist or midwife about these symptoms.

Sell Your Home Privately or Using an Agent in Today’s Market

Sell Your Home Privately or Using an Agent in Today's Market

In today’s volatile real estate market and with home values falling it has become common for individuals to consider selling their homes privately versus through the traditional real estate agent. This article will give you details on what to consider when deciding whether or not to sell your home privately.

Let’s look at why many people are considering the option to sell their home privately (meaning without using a real estate agent). In most cases the main reason is to save money. The research shows that you can save as much as $9,000 by selling privately but that assumes you are in a market that doesn’t require you to do a significant amount of marketing. An experienced real estate agent can give you guidance on the right price to ask for your home, has access to a network of other agents and will likely be able to reach more people who are looking for a house.

When trying to sell your home privately you must understand that it affects the marketing process. If you sell your home without the help of an agent, you must look at alternative for getting you home listed in Multiple Listing Services (MLS) – a database full of house listings given out to homebuyers. There are companies available that offer flat rate MLS listing services. This will give you the same exposure as you would get with a traditional Real Estate agent. I would recommend offering to protect any agents who bring buyers to the table with a 2% – 3% commission. This is much better than paying 5% – 6% which is the standard for a Real Estate agent fee. Of course, if you find the buyer on your own then it wouldn’t cost you anything, find more info.

Sell Your Home

In addition to getting on MLS you should look at methods of attracting attention. You could hold an open house, place ads in your local news paper and without question try posting ads on Craigslist. Keep in mind that when buyers see that you are selling your home privately they will often offer you a lower price because they assume you are saving money from not hiring an agent. Just be prepared for that to happen and have a counter offer in mind.

In today’s market selling a home privately is very common and with the unstable market many sellers do not trust anyone else to sell their home. Selling your home privately will mean that you are in control of all aspects of the listing and selling. You must make yourself available for questions and showings. You must also understand that if something goes wrong or needs to be redone that you will be responsible for fixing any issues that may arise.

If you’ve decided that selling your home privately is the best option for you then here are some extra preparations you need to be aware of. Be sure that your house is prepared for the sale. You’ll need to clean and remove clutter from your home, removing excessive personal items or photos that may be around the house. Remember that you are going to be competing with Real Estate agents in the area and any houses they may be trying to sell. Do whatever you can to stand out from the rest. Make sure your house will leave a lasting impression. Look for website that offers “selling by owner” information or kits. It is important that you get maximum exposure in both the free methods and with paid methods if you can afford to do so.

Be sure to research about the legal requirements and contract requirements in your particular area. This may take some time and may require input from an attorney so start researching now and be prepared for when the selling date arrives. Although selling a home privately can be tricky, some say that if you have three fee hours a day available to dedicate to it and your home is priced right then you will likely be more successful than a typical agent. With a little work and the right marketing you’ll sell your own home successfully and save yourself a lot of money that might otherwise be put to better use.

Using the Internet and an App to Organize Your Next Trip

Using the Internet and an App to Organize Your Next Trip

If you’re reading this, then you are on a computer or a smartphone. Which means that you already have at least one of the tools necessary for TripIt. TripIt is, as their slogan says, a place to organize your travel. You can use their website or one of their mobile apps (they support iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry, and they have a mobile site if you don’t have one of those).

You start by making a new trip, naming the dates and destination. Then you can choose to make your trip public or private. You can have friends on TripIt, so if your trips are public, your friends can view them. Once you add a trip, you can add different plans on different days. You can add an assortment of things from flights to restaurants to meetings. There’s also a general “activity” category for plans that don’t fit into any other category. When you choose to add a plan, you get to add as much information as you’d like. You can add simple things like time, or you can add more detailed things like confirmation numbers and contact phone numbers. This is great when adding things like reservations.

App to Organize

One of my favorite things about TripIt is their “Itinerator.” Thanks to modern technology, you can email any trip information to (once you make an account), and the Itinerator will glean the important facts and put them in as plans in your trip. For example, if you were to email your flight confirmation to the Itinerator, it would not only add the confirmation number, times, and dates, but it may even give you a link to their website to check your flight status or check in online. The only thing downside to the Itinerator is that you should double check all of the information it puts in just in case because it’s not perfect.

The mobile apps are awesome too, or at least the BlackBerry one is. You can see all of your TripIt information right from the app on your BlackBerry, and it syncs with your calendar too. Now if you need any information, like a confirmation number (even the date you booked the reservation!), it’s all right there! I assume that the other mobile apps work similarly if not exactly the same.

Overall, TripIt is an awesome program to put all my plans together, and it’s easy to figure out. Plus the Itinerator’s just awesome! I definitely suggest checking out this website if you haven’t at

Ginkgo Biloba is Used for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Memory Loss

Ginkgo Biloba is Used for Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Memory Loss

Ginkgo biloba is one of the most popular and most used herbs in the United States. It has been used for thousands of years. Ginkgo biloba has many uses and can be used to treat many ailments. Ginkgo is mostly used to for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s and dementia, memory problems, circulatory ailments, for the treatment of people who have had a stroke, and for the treatment of PMS symptoms in women.

Where Ginkgo Comes From and What it is Made of

Where Ginkgo Comes From and What it is Made of

The herb ginkgo comes from the tree ginkgo biloba, which is one of the oldest living tree species. A single ginkgo biloba tree can live as long a 1,000 years. Modern ginkgo supplements are prepared from the dried leaves of the ginkgo tree and are very concentrated.

The two parts of the ginkgo plant that give it its curative properties are flavonoids and terpenoids. Flavonoids are plant based antioxidants that protect the nerves, heart muscle, and blood vessels from damage. Terpenoids are responsible for improving blood flow by dilating blood vessels and making platelets less sticky.

Ginkgo is Used to Treat Alzheimer’s, Dementia, poor circulation and Memory Loss

The most popular use of ginkgo biloba is to improve memory. In healthy adults, ginkgo has been shown to improve memory and learning in people who took it and has been shown to increase feelings of well being and to decrease feelings of depression.

Alzheimer’s and dementia is thought to be caused by free radicals. The antioxidants (flavonoids) in ginkgo neutralize free radicals and this help in alleviating and preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia. The increased blood flow caused by taking ginkgo helps alleviate memory loss by increasing blood flow to the brain.

Side Effects of Ginkgo

Contrary to popular belief, certain studies have found that ginkgo biloba does no decrease the risk of dementia in elderly adults. More research needs to be done in order to determine how helpful ginkgo really is for older people. There has been evidence that ginkgo does not help people suffering from tinnitus (ringing of the ears).

There have been some reports of bleeding caused by taking ginkgo biloba due to its anticoagulation properties. People who are undergoing surgery, who have hemophilia, or who plan on having oral surgery should not take ginkgo. This herb should not be taken for longer them three months.

Ginkgo biloba is an herb that has been in use for thousands of years. It is used to treat mental problems such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and memory loss. It increases blood flow to certain parts of the body and in some cases has caused bleeding and should not be used by people who have had or will have surgery.

Six Sources of Personal Motivation

Six-Sources of Personal Motivation

Personal motivation motives vary dramatically from one individual to another. When seeking to understand you own motivation triggers, or the motivation triggers of someone else, it is important to identify the underlying this source of one’s motivation.

Personal Motivation Motive #1 – Autonomy

Many individuals are motivated by the the need for autonomy. These individuals act independently and try to express creativity. These individuals not only need independence, but they also tend to take the initiative to develop new methods and ideas. These are not individuals who are motivated by the “color inside the lines” mentality, but prefer to do their own thing.

Personal Motivation Motive

Personal Motivation Motive #2 – Security

For other individuals, the motivator of security is a driving force behind most choices and actions they take. Whether it is job security, or status, this is a strong motivator for many. Those that are driven by a security-based motivator tend to be drawn to more stable enviroments and to more predictable conditions. These individuals tend to thrive in a more planned and predictable atmosphere and are rarely one to act impulsively.

Personal Motivation Motive #3 – Achievement

Those fueled by the achievement motive tend to take risks to achieve, and see, tangible and signifigant results. This motivator can cause stress to those around this individual as these individuals are usually very high-energy and focused on their goal achievement.

Personal Motivation Motive #4 – Balance

Choices by individuals looking for balance are those that place equal emphasis on work and and non-work activities. They place equal importance to their time relaxing as they do on their time working.

Personal Motivation Motive #5 – Power

One with a power motive drives to seek out opportunities for recognition, prestige, and control. This motivator causes this individual to seek signs of success in others’ eyes and drives this person to lead and set direction for others.

Personal Motivation Motive #6 – Relationship

Personal Motivation Motive #6 - Relationship

The relationship motivated individual is also commonly known as a “people person”. This individual seeks to relate to, and help others, and is one to foster harmony within the relationships he/she circles in. Commonly referred to as the “peace keeper”, the relationship-motivated individual tends to make more choices based on others needs than based on their own needs.

Personal motivations are as individual and unique as each individual personality. Next time you ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?”, you may find your answer within one of these six personal motivators.