How To Remove A Broken Bathtub Drain Stopper?

Bathtub drain stopper types

Last month, when I was on bathroom, I noticed that my bathtub stopper is broken and not properly working; even I try to close the water, it cannot hold and irritates me.

Then I decided to replace the bathtub stopper, I bought a new one from the market and tried to remove the old bathtub stopper, but I failed. I tried more than a half-day, but I cannot remove it.

I decided why not I should try to search on the internet because removing this drain stopper becomes a challenge.

I searched how to remove a broken bathtub drain stopper and found some unique methods and tried one of them, which really work. The first time I take proper care to release this, I feel that I am an expert.

Let me be here. I will share my experience with you about what I found when searching.

Bathtub drain stopper types:

Bathtub drain stopper types

When I researched the web, I found five Bathtub drain stopper types, including

• Simple stopper,
• Push-plain drain stopper,
• Twist and pull drain stopper,
• Flip it drain plugs, and
• Flip lever drain stopper.

Let’s see how to remove a broken bathtub drain stopper.

Things you need:

The first step for removing the broken bathtub stopper is arranging equipment that will help you complete your job efficiently.

• Pliers
• Allen wrenches
• A screwdriver
• A household cleaner
• A bucket
• A lime removal product, and
• A small scrub brush.

Steps to follow to remove a broken bathtub drain stopper:

Step 1.

Steps to follow to remove a broken bathtub drain stopper

For removing the broken bathtub stopper, first of all, remove its out cap and set it in an open position; once you have set its appointment to open and remove its outer cap, move it counterclockwise to remove the stopper.

Step 2.

In the next step, you need a screwdriver to unscrew its cylinder; you will find that portion in the stopper’s opening bottom where water drain fitting available. People try it with their hands also, but it is not possible for all types of stoppers; you need a screwdriver that is the right choice.

Step 3.

In this step, you need a small scrub brush to remove wastes such as debris and hairs in the drain stopper’s opening.

Step 4.

With your scrub brush support, you take clean and mix up a shake with water and try this shake to wipe out any hair and scums. You need to clean it forcefully and remove all the spots on the opening.

Step 5.

Now you need to polish the stopper body and its surface with great care, but keep in mind always using such a product, which results in chrome.

Step 6.

In this step, you should check the stopper’s seals thoroughly; if any leakage is found, it is better to replace it with a new stopper.

Step 7.

Now you should install its cylinder portion at the back of the drain opening and make sure you have done it firmly.

Step 8.

Now take the stopper cap and reattach this cap by threading it on your stopper cylinder.

Step 9.

In the last, now check the stopper working, it is working? You have done it all.

Final Words:

It is a common issue in every household, so it is better to remove the stopper yourself instead of spending money on plumber services.

You need to follow these simple steps to remove the broken bathtub stopper. We hope you will quickly remove your bathtub stopper by following our provided guidelines.

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