Casein Protein

Casein Protein

Learning about proteins and the different aspects of each one can be quite confusing. There are several key contributors that make up the protein community but this article will focus on only two. They are the two that people are most familiar with and are most often compared. Casein protein and whey protein are among the top two products used to make up protein requirements. The sinker is that most people don’t know which is better, if any or why.

The two major proteins that are the result of milk products are casein protein and whey protein. This is likely the reason that they are most often compared to one another. Whey is the product of the cheese making process after the casein protein has curdled. The quality of casein protein can be high or low. Forms of casein protein that are low in quality are forms such as caseinate; often named calcium caseinate. This low end product comes from the casein before it has curdled.

Learning about proteins

Casein protein products are the most affordable of the protein products. It is also a product that is the least refined of the proteins resulting from milk. A very well refined protein supplement is whey isolate and will have amino acids added to the product. Casein protein moves more slowly throughout the digestive tract than whey proteins move. This typically allows for better absorption of the amino acids and makes a wise choice for meal replacement especially for this reason. Allowing for slower absorption of amino acids equals to feeling full longer. A protein that rips through the digestive tract can leave the consumer having hunger sensations long before the person taking casein protein. What goes through the body faster has less of a long lasting effect, more helpful hints.

To put it simply, the prime idea would be to eat the foods that will provide those proteins. But lets face it; who has time to prepare and eat six meals a day? Very few people have the option to spend most of the day preparing well-balanced meals that are high in protein. Casein protein is the closest simulation to food ingestion. Food is solid and heavy therefore leaving the feeling of fullness for much longer than a supplemental shake. Casein protein is possibly the ‘heaviest’ of the proteins out there.

Manufacturing of cheese leaves whey to collect for the purpose of making such proteins as casein protein as well as whey products. Whey protein concentrate is a notch above casein protein. Harsh acids are often used to separate whey protein from casein protein, which generates a much lower quality of casein protein. There are companies today that are dedicated to creating high quality casein protein specifically for supplemental manufacturers. They use whole milk to separate high quality casein protein for the sole purpose of creating a higher quality product. Remember when choosing any supplemental product that it is a reputable company that uses only high-grade ingredients. High quality casein protein can really pack a punch!