A Common Household Product Can Clean Your Vehicle’s Headlight Better Than Expensive Dedicated Cleaners

clean up your vehicle's headlights

Ever seen those products that promise to clean up your vehicle’s headlights? Ever experience the unpleasantness of spending money on one of those products to help clean away the foggy quality of car headlights that don’t work? Money down the drain and your ability to see when you drive at night is not improved by even the smallest means? How would you like to save money and get a much cleaner vehicle headlight in the process? I’ve got just one bit of advice for you: smile.

Smile because you are about to get three pieces of good news that you may not have gotten before you came across this article. For one thing, you are going to save money by not spending it on expensive products that serve just one purpose and may not even fulfill that promise. Two, you are going to enjoy the wonderful world of multiple uses for a single product. And, most important of all, reason number three for your smile is that your vehicle’s headlight is going to get cleaned.


Get dressed. Get in your car-during the day so that you do not run the risk of causing an accident with those dirty headlights of yours-and head to the nearest grocery store, supermarket, convenience store or drug store. Go into the particular store and buy the most abrasive brand of toothpaste you can afford. Depending on how dirty your headlights are, you may be able to get by with a less than expensive version. The point you want to keep in mind is to stay away from the gels and stick with the creams. A perfect choice is a toothpaste cream advertised as having the ability to whiten your teeth.

Now go home and get a rag or an old T-shirt and apply a not particularly generous portion of the toothpaste and set to work with good old-fashioned elbow grease rubbing the toothpaste (in cream form) in a motion both forward and backwise. Then grab a completely new rag or old T-shirt and clean away the remainder, see more.

What you will be left with, my comrade in the battle against foggy headlights, is some that may well approximate the look your headlight had when you first brought home the vehicle. If the vehicle was purchased used, the look may supersede the way it appeared when you brought it home. Simple toothpaste. You can use it to clean your headlights better than more expensive products solely designed for that purpose. And for an added bonus, you can clean your teeth. Which may tell you quite a bit more than you new about what is in that toothpaste you use every morning.