Five Tips to Succeed in Digital Marketing

Five Tips to Succeed in Digital Marketing

I love marketing. I love how it challenges me and how unpredictable it can be. In contrast, there are times I wish I would have just chosen to just be an accountant and enjoy the stability. But that wouldn’t have brought the best out of me. It wouldn’t have caused me to exercise all of my faculties. Digital marketing has changed how consumers absorb media and make buying decisions – it’s changed the game. It takes a lot to succeed in a digital marketing career and here are five tips that will help. To know more about the Digital Marketing, read here:

1. Specialize

There are countless facets within digital marketing: social media, SEO, conversion rate optimization, graphic design, digital advertising, and many more. Because all of these areas often intersect, you’ll eventually gain an understanding for all of them. It can be tempting to want to learn all of it and become as marketable as possible and become an ‘all-in-one’ shop as a freelancer. But this can be a grave mistake in a saturated industry. The saying ‘a jack of all trades and master of none’ couldn’t be more true. You need to make a name for yourself and the way you do that is by becoming good at something, really good. The only way to become highly skilled is to focus and continually hone your craft. Which leads to tip #2.

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2. Spend an hour a day learning your craft

Digital marketing changes twice as fast as other industries. To stay on top of the game you need to be on the front-lines of industry changes and news. Subscribe to the top news sites, listen to the best audio-books in the car, and read as much as you can. There’s a price to pay to be in the top of your field and you need to pay that price.

3. Follow up

At some point you’ll need to do media outreach or contact targeted prospects. If you don’t get a response initially, keep following up, and following up… persistence will pay off.

4. Keep a portfolio of your results

Whether it’s interviewing for a job or picking up a client, they’ll care more about what you can do as opposed to what you know. Show your highlights and why you’re a rock-star. Show results, take screenshots, and keep a portfolio of your work. Setup a website or blog dedicated to showcasing your past work – a ‘virtual resume’.

5. Continually grow your network

Don’t hide behind the ‘digital curtain’. It is, and will always be, about relationships. Meet with people that can help you and also people that you can help. And in the spirit of ‘following-up’, add them to your social network: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Different people choose careers for different reasons: respect, money, making a difference, etc. My tips are for those that want to be the best in the industry and truly become experts. If you already have a natural talent for marketing and are willing to put in the work, then you can have a truly rewarding career and be on the forefront of helping small businesses grow.