Five Ways to Keep White Furniture Clean

Five Ways to Keep White Furniture Clean

Despite the chic appeal of white furniture, many people avoid it (mostly sofas and chairs) because they attract dirt so easily. Those bold enough to purchase this exotic hue (or non-hue) sometimes regret doing so for this reason. But if you’re diligent in considering your lifestyle, you may be surprised that maintaining white furniture’s pristine appearance isn’t as hard as you thought it would be.

The Slip Cover

The Slip Cover

Yes, the clear slip-cover is still large and in charge. Many people have an aversion to using clear slip covers, as the popular vinyl material they’re made of is often uncomfortable to sit on, and “tacky” to look at. Furthermore, the slip cover in the minds of many, defeats the purpose of purchasing attractive furniture in the first place. But if you have children, or if your exotic white pieces are in a relatively “unused” room, having a slip cover will prevent dirt, dust, and messes from touching them.

Stain Guard

Depending upon the type of material the sofa or chair is made of, you can keep stains from adhering to the surface with the use of stain guard. Some furniture can be treated with stain resistant materials prior to purchase. But these chemicals are also easily found in hardware or department stores. There are even stain resistant products made specifically for leather furniture. The trick to keeping white furniture clean with these products is in understanding the type of material, and how it responds to certain chemicals.

No Food, No Drinks, No Shoes

By implementing some simple household rules, you can very easily prevent common stains from attacking your beautiful white sofa. Have guests remove their shoes at the door to keep scuff marks away. To avoid spills and sticky-fingered stains, save the beverages and snacks for the dining room; or enjoy them while sitting on the floor.

Watch What You Wear

You may be surprised to learn that the dyes used in your clothing can stain white furniture rather easily. For that reason, some white furniture owners have specific lounging clothes that they wear when relaxing-clothing that they know will not damage the upholstery in any way, click for source.

It is also important to note that the dyes and inks from magazines and newspapers are often easily transferred to fabrics and leather. Be mindful of this and try to keep these items in your hands and away from the couch.

Professional Cleaning

Many residents in an effort to keep their white sofas and chairs looking exotic, hire professional cleaners to steam clean or shampoo their white furniture. Carpet cleaning companies like Stanley Steemer have expanded their array of products and services over the years to include specific furniture treatments. Most white furniture owners recommend having furniture cleaned professionally at least once a season to keep white sofas, chairs, and lounges looking Showroom New.