How Can I Change Password In Wifi Amplifier

How Can I Change Password In Wifi Amplifier

You are using wi-fi amplifier for boosting the network of wi-fi to get your all family members under the coverage of this network. Suddenly, you find your wi-fi network is too much slow but you don’t know the exact situation.

At the end of the day, you could realize your existing password has been hacked and it is used by a lot of people around your home thus your wi-fi network gets slower to slowest.

Now, you need to change the password of your wi-fi amplifier but the matter of regret is that you are thinking how can i change password in wifi amplifier.

No worries!!! We would like to help you with a lot of tips to gets your job done. However, you need to follow the steps properly to find more info.

Tips To Change The Password Of The Wifi Amplifier

Tips To Change The Password Of The Wifi Amplifier

Changing the password of the WiFi network is considered to be one of the most wanted and urgent tasks that should be done each time we add a new amplifier to the router. Every time we change the sim card or sim company or we increase the speed of our ADSL or fiber optics, it is quite usual for the supplier company to change the router for the latest model.

Changing password can be effective to enhance the network and security of your wi-fi. But even though they are always advertised as a more secure router with WPA, WPA2, WPS security etc. The most common failure is that the name of the default network comes with a mathematical algorithm to the WiFi key of the router.

So, now we need to follow some steps to change the password of your wi-fi amplifier.

Step-1. Find out the IP and router configuration web page

The web page of the router always comes with the same system of the router’s IP address or LAN interface. This IP is usually written on a sticker on the back of the router or in the configuration manual. If we forget and unable to recollect, it is very likely that it is one of these three, which are what most manufacturers use: / /

Most of the routers use this system besides the WiFi keys are of low security, for this reason it is recommended to change them for a secure password as we will see below. In this way if the IP gets to be like the web page that we must write in our web browser, for example Firefox will be

A flawless technique to find out the IP of your amplifier in router that is connected to a Windows computer by cable or by WiFi is to use the Windows console tool. The Windows console opened by running the Windows SYSTEM SYMBOL program or typing “cmd” in the taskbar browser.

When you find the console opened by typing “ipconfig” + intro, it will read all the information on the network. Your IP will be the number that appears as “Default gateway”.

Step-2. Access As Router User to Change Password

Access As Router User to Change Password

When you can have the access of the router configuration, you must get access the WiFi security section and first change the name of the network or SSID.


To make your wi-fi network secure and faster than ever, you can have the way to change the password of your wi-fi amplifier.