How does a Diesel Particulate Filter Work?

How does a Diesel Particulate Filter Work

When you have a diesel car, you have a diesel particulate filter in the car. The purpose of the diesel particulate filter is to remove excessive soot and smoke.

It helps to control harmful emissions and keep our environment clean and healthy. How does a diesel particulate filter work? We will guide you in detail about the working of the diesel particulate filter.

How does a diesel particulate filter work?

How does a diesel particulate filter work
  • The diesel particulate filter removes the excessive soot generated during the burning of the diesel in the engine. Control the amount of soot is done by directing the harmful emissions and black smoke from the filter substrate.
  • The filter substrate is structured with ceramic pores, which make the wall porous inside the filter. When the soot particles are deposited on the walls of DPF, it works under a continuous regeneration effect, which helps in continuous regeneration.
  • Due to that, the temperature increases in the surroundings, which causes the burning of the soot in the DPF to keep it in the normal condition for operations?
  • But if there is some problem in performing that, you also can add the temperature management unit. The MTU install near the engine control unit for better management.
  • These include the sensors that are sensitive to temperature and maintain the temperature at the required level. According to the amount of soot load, the sensors adjust the temperature level in the surroundings for accurate performance.
  • If you need proper management of the temperature inside the filter, you can set various methods to control the temperature level to burn the soot in the filter. It depends on the operation of the engine at different points in time.
  • For measuring the temperature, the air to fuel ratio is applied to get a balanced level of temperature. It can delay the start of the injection for the main fuel and include the option fuel injection phase in the filter. It applies to specific areas such as when you deal with marine applications, then not possible to fit the continuous regeneration temperature system, which may lower the fuel’s performance. It can also affect the quality of the fuel and how active regeneration must use.

How can I get help with a diesel particulate filter?

How can I get help with a diesel particulate filter

If you need help with the diesel particulate filter or want to maintain your diesel particulate filter, you can get help from online service providers.

There are many service providers, but we found one of the best service providers that can help you deal with any of the issues with your DPF is dpfzentrum.

Final Thoughts:

Diesel particulate filter is essential to have in working condition for diesel cars. It is one of the beneficial and major parts of diesel vehicles, equipped with an advanced technological feature to reduce soot in the filter. We have provided you a complete guideline about the working of the diesel particulate filter, and we also share dpfzentrum as the best service provider regarding DPF.