How to Backup Your WhatsApp Content: Switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus

How to Backup Your WhatsApp Content

The WhatsApp Plus APK is a free and open-source client for the popular messaging service WhatsApp. It offers more features than the original app, including voice calls, video calls, group chats with up to 100 contacts, chat backups, and no ads or in-app purchases. If you are looking for an alternative to Whatsapp that provides more features while remaining completely free – then this article will show you how to backup your whatsapp content like photos and videos by switching from whatsapps to whatsapps plus.

WhatsApp Plus is the best alternative for Whatsapp. It provides all features of whatsapp like Voice Calling, Sticker Pack and Video Call but with more privacy protection and security in comparison to Whatsapp. So if you want switch from WhatsApp to Whatsapp plus then it’s necessary that you backup your data on whats app before switching over, find more info.

How to make Whatsapp plus a valuable tool for your business

How to make Whatsapp plus a valuable tool for your business

If you are using Whatsapp for your business, then whatsapp plus is a perfect tool for your work as it offers features like bulk messaging and unlimited media.

To use whats app Plus in your company, just create an account with the new number provided by WhatsApp support team on their website after installation of whatsapp plus.

Reasons why you should use WhatsApp plus for business?

The most valuaable reson to use whatsapp plus is that it’s a lightweight and voguish whatsapp.

WhatsApp Plus has been downloaded by over 100 million users across the world, which is more than Whatsapps original app in numbers.

What’s even more better about WhatsAppPlus is that its lightwightness makes this application feel faster on your device.

How to make your business even more successful with Whatsapp Plus
Whatsapp Plus is one of the most popular and powerful messaging apps. Businesses adapt to whats app plus in order to market their product or services effectively. It becomes easier for businesses with WhatsApp plus because they can send bulk messages, create groups that have a maximum number of 250 members, use video calls which are very helpful when marketing new products, etc.

-The best part about whatsapp plus is that it offers free voice calling without internet connection as well as photo editing features like adding filters and stickers. This has made all your business needs fulfilled at once using this single app! So don’t wait any longer just download whatsapp plus now!

How to use Whatsapp plus feature

How to use Whatsapp plus feature

To get the latest version whatsapp plus feature you must update your whatsapp plus application to the latest version.

To update Whatsapp Plus app:

  • Open Google Play Store and click on Whatsapp+ icon
  • Now you will be redirected to the page of Whatsapp+ where it displays all versions available for download. Click Update button next to your current whatsap plus apk installed in your phone then confirm by tapping Restart & Install button on pop up notification message.

Now get back again from WhatsAppPlus > About screen, Check that ‘Version’ has been updated with Latest WhatsApp+. If not refresh or search new updates until you see this change as below screenshot.

The Whatsapp plus feature is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family around the world. It’s also an easy way to keep up on what’s happening back home when you’re living abroad, or if you just want some peace of mind about your loved ones while they are out late at night.