How to Check Room Temperature with the Phone?

How to Check Room Temperature with the Phone

Most of us are more familiar with hot and cold, but what about “room temperature”? While there is no clear-cut definition of room temperature, most experts agree that it’s an average between 20°C and 25°C. When there’s no air conditioning in the room, the air inside it will stay relatively cool.

The 5 Best Apps for Checking Room Temperature

The 5 Best Apps for Checking Room Temperature

Here are some handy apps that allow the user to check the temperature in a room, either from other cell phones or other devices.

1. Thermometer

This is one of the most commonly-used apps for checking room temperature app. First, you set up a schedule to allow automatic recording and later retrieval by email or text message. Simply launch the app when in range (“set it and forget” temp verification). You can also record notes with each reading such as “warm,” “cool,” etc., eliminating any subjective interpretation; these findings are backed up by an interface that allows easy annotation.

2. Ambient

This is another portable temp sensor, also designed to be used indoors only (not suggested for use in the bedroom). It uses infrared light with a three-fingered probe puck like most home thermometers; it will transmit measurements over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and you can see information on your smartphone including graphs of temperature variations throughout the day. There’s also an optional remote control that you can carry in your pocket that turns the device on and off. It’s a great idea for anyone who has to travel with their phone–the readings are good up to several feet away! (It also integrates nicely with some alarm or security systems.)

3. TempFox Pro

This app is a great addition to any home or office environment as it comes with four different types of thermometers, allowing you access for use at any time day or night. Graystone’s TempFox Pro has several tools and alerts that allow remote check-ins prior to setting up notifications on your smartphone so all you do is set the sensor and unplug the device from its power source: no more needling around trying to find “possible” hidden leak points.

4. Hunter N Project

This app is for the hunter in all of us! It features a temperature range to -15 degrees Fahrenheit; comes with both pedometer and matchbox match option; wireless link over Bluetooth is available, allowing you to place the sensor into water (to see how deep or where there are hot spots that would affect its readings), pool/sewer layout inside the plastic pipe, etc. Once inside the pipe, you can even take a picture of the layout with your iPhone–it’s an underground construction site right in front of your nose!

5. PumpTemp Pro

This thermal compatibility app from HE is great for any Dyers out there who want to keep track of things on their job site or home. You don’t have to worry about matching up parts and getting them all installed at once; the app comes with a layout tool so the parts can be installed as they are needed–while you worry about taking measurements, not getting it all 100 percent right by accident. It also works great to track water pump failure due to high heat from running too long between discharges into a holding tank or reservoir, etc.


As you know, there are many ways to check the room temperature. The way we have shown here is the simplest way to check room temperature with the phone, it works well for us. We hope that this article can help other people to find out how to check room temperature with the phone.