How to Decorate Eyeglasses

How to Decorate Eyeglasses

Designer glasses come in every color imaginable. The frames are embellished with patterns, shapes and even sparkling jewels. The problem is that the price, oftentimes, raises significantly for the extra style. You can decorate eyeglasses yourself that express your sense of fashion, at home for less.

Materials Needed:

Plastic Paint or Metal Paint
Painter’s Tape
Small Paint Brush
Stick-On Jewels
Super Glue
Eyeglasses Charms

Buy a jar of craft paint that is meant for either plastic or metal, depending on the material of your eyeglasses frames. (You can also use spray paint but it can get messier and is harder to control the application of it. It should only be attempted if have experience with spraying very small areas.)

Tape off the glass lenses very carefully with painters tape. Try to get the edge of the tape underneath the frames on front if possible to reduce the risk of splatters on the lenses. Also tape off any part that you are not planning on painting, such as the exposed metal of the bows if you already like the color that it is.

Use a small paint brush to paint them up like your favorite designer frames. Take time to coat them evenly with long strokes to avoid streaks or drips, especially on the front of the glasses. Allow the base color coat to dry thoroughly before applying any additional hues.

Create your own personal designs by practicing on paper first, before you decorate the frames of eyeglasses. For example, you can do a two tone look with shading colors or add curlicues and other shapes in black. Paint flowers or other objects on the sides of larger bows.

Use small stick-on jewels to add sparkle along the front of the frames or a little bit bigger ones to place on the sides of the bows to make them look even more like designer glasses. (For extra security, after deciding the exact place they are going to be, attach them with super glue but be very careful to only use a tiny drop and not drip on the lenses.)

Finish decorating eyeglasses with small charms hanging from the bows or even a fancy chain. If you happen to have a spare pair or two, you can make them all look like different designer eyeglasses to match favorite outfits or to have an everyday pair and a going out pair.