Seven Driving Tips for First Time Sports Car Enthusiasts

how to drive a sports car

Sports cars are the most powerful and exciting vehicles on the planet. They’re built to be driven fast, to give you that thrill of speed and danger. But if you want to get into one, there’s a lot more than just buckling up and hitting the gas pedal! 

This article will teach you everything from how to drive a sports car for the first time, all the way through what to do when it breaks down in traffic since no one knows how to handle it! 

You’ll learn about gearing, brakes, suspension, everything you need so one day you can master this machine like an expert driver. Here are seven driving tips to help you navigate your way through this wonderful world of speed and power:

Gear Shifting

Gear Shifting

There’s a delicate art to driving a supercar, and one of the most important things you’ll need to do is shift gears correctly. This takes practice, but every driver knows that getting into the wrong gear can lead to disaster! You never want to stop in the middle of a race because you got your car into the wrong gear. So when you start, don’t put it into high gear; just get up to a reasonable speed and shift down until you’re in second.


It can be so tempting just to slam on the gas and let your sports car fly around the track, skidding in every direction like you’re in a video game! But if you want to win this race, that isn’t going to cut it. Instead, you’ll need to know how to stop your car properly and without losing control. It’s a tricky balance, especially with brakes that might not even be designed for this kind of use! But if you practice hard enough, you can learn how to safely bring it down from dangerous speeds.


The steering in these sports cars takes some getting used to. You’ll find that even when you’re driving at a good speed, you’ll need to turn the wheel way more than you’re used to! You can’t give it too much gas or too little most of the time; your wheels are going to be spinning. This is especially true when you’re taking corners at high speeds. Most drivers will tell you that cornering fast isn’t about turning the wheel but shifting the gears and letting the car lean over to take the turn.

Car Seats

Most classic sports cars come with old fashioned bucket seats. You’ll find them in many race cars, but it’s important to remember that these are very different from the comfy, cushioned seats you’re used to sitting on at home. Bucket seats cut into your body while you drive, which can make long races uncomfortable! Don’t be afraid to take the seat belt and strap yourself in if you want more support. You should also consider getting one of the safety seats designed specifically for sports cars!

Track Conditions

It might surprise you to find out that not all roads are designed equally. Some racing tracks are smooth and paved, while others are bumpy and old. You’ll need to drive your car based on the conditions of each track! On less-than-perfect roads, you should be gentle with your steering. Slamming on the gas or brakes too hard can cause you to lose control of your car, leading to a deadly spin out. On the other hand, experienced drivers know that they can get even more speed if they hit every bump just right! Hitting spots at high speeds is a great way to keep your wheels spinning for longer periods. It takes some practice to do it well, but the pros swear by this technique. Look at this website

Weather Conditions

Sports cars may be fast, but they’re not made for the weather! If the roads are wet or it’s raining hard, you’ll want to take a little more care while driving. Even if you’ve been driving fine on that track, the conditions might have changed, and you need to go a bit slower until you get used to it. Also, driving in the rain will cause your wheels to screech, which isn’t good for traction. And if you’re headed up a steep hill, there’s nothing worse than losing control of your car because it started skidding!


Don’t forget about your map! If you see a turn coming up or an upcoming obstacle, don’t forget to check your map. That way, you’ll know what’s coming up and how much time you have left before you need to hit the brakes or start manoeuvring around it.


There are many other things to know about sports cars, but these seven tips will let you successfully join the racing world. There’s no better feeling than learning how to handle a car like this! So keep your eyes on the road and take one tip at a time until you’re ready to hit the track with confidence.