How to Get Rid of Ugly Toenail Fungus from Home

How to Get Rid of Ugly Toenail Fungus from Home

Going about with infected toenails can be quite embarrassing especially whenever you have to take off your shoes in public. Nail fungus infection sometimes called Onychomycosis mostly affects the toenail and is found in about 8-10% of the adult population. It is normally painless except in severe cases.

One of the symptoms of toenail fungus is the discoloration of the nail as the infection advances, the nail can become rough and crumble with the plate becoming thickened, yellow, or cloudy in appearance. In severe cases the top layer can be separated from the nail bed, this is when it becomes painful if pressure is mounted on the infected nail.

There are several home made remedies from the simple to the crazy, complex things desperate folks do to get rid of this ugly and embarrassing infection. First, it is important to understand that toenail fungi need a warm, moist and dark environment to flourish and grow, find more info. So your first step is to ensure that the infected area is always kept clean and dry. You should also know that these fungi can’t survive in high alkaline environments.

Ugly Toenail Fungus

Before I begin to talk about some of home made remedies, you have to know that there is no real cure for toenail fungus infection. What many call cure is actually the ability to eradicate the fungi and inveriably enable a near nail to grow and replace the old one. Know that what works for Mr. A may not exactly work for Mr. B, it’s different strokes for different folks,however there are certain pharmaceutical products that work for many people. Now one of the common home made remedies is the use of “Apple Cider vinegar”,an acidic liquid processed from the fermentation of ethanol, it has harmful properties that’s toxic to toenail fungi. Because of the high concentration of acid content, it is better to dilute with a measure of water say 50/50% in a large bath bowl. The infected tail is soaked in the mixture for about 5-10min. The nail is then dried with a towel or better still a blow drier. For better results, it should be applied twice daily; morning and before going to bed at night. You have to continue the process for weeks or months until there’s a significant improvement.

Some people like to use tea tree oil, a clear to very pale golden color oil with a fresh camphor odor that is native to Australia. This oil contains important medical properties that include antiseptic and anti fungal actions effective for treating toenail fungus infection. The problem with most of the homemade treatments is that they are time consuming and must be repeated on a consistent basis otherwise they will not achieve the desired results.

There many strong anti-fungal prescription drugs in the market that can treat toenail fungus infection and eliminate dead cells. One of the most effective natural solutions is call Zeta Clear. Zeta clear is an all natural homeopathic solution specifically developed to treat the underlying cause of unsightly toenail fungus infection.