How To Get To Bios On Lenovo Ideapad

How To Get To Bios On Lenovo Ideapad

You decide to diagnose your own Lenovo Ideapad, but you don’t know how to get to bios on lenovo ideapad, right?

Don’t worry; we are here to help you with our article, teaching you to do your job.

Learning the process can save your penny a lot because you don’t have to go to the computer repair shop.

To learn the entire process carefully, we humbly ask you to stick to our article and go through each word.

Some Ways to Enter the Bios

Some Ways to Enter the Bios

There are several ways you can use to enter the bios on your computer. But you have to learn these ways step by step very carefully. So, let’s move.

Advanced Options in Windows 10

The first way we will discuss is advanced options in Windows 10. In this way, you can enter the bios of your computer. If you don’t know the process, follow the article, and read more here.

Start Menu:

Get your mouse pointer on the start menu, which lies in your computer’s bottom-left side, and click on the start menu.


Click on the settings, which you will find very close to the bottom of the menu.

Update and Security:

Have a click on the update and security option, which looks like an option with a curved arrow.


Now click on the recovery option, which you find in the left column.


Now go to the Restart option and click on it. This option is under ″Advanced startup″ in the right panel. Your lenovo ideapad starts to reboot to a blue menu.


Go to troubleshoot option and click troubleshoots on the menu. It looks like the option with a screwdriver and a wrench.

Advanced options:

Get your mouse pointer on the advanced options and put a click on it.

UEFI Firmware Settings:

Click on the UEFI Firmware Settings, and you will find it in the right column.


Back to Restart and click on it. Your pc will be going to restart and boot into the BIOS.

Use a Function Key at Reboot

Use a Function Key at Reboot

The second option is here for you. Using a Function Key Reboot is an easier process to enter the bios of your computer.

So, here are the processes to go with this way.

Reboot or turn on the computer:

When you find your computer restarts, you will find a logo of your computer brand like ″lenovo″ in large white letters.

You will find this screen alive for a few seconds, so you should go to perform for the next step quickly.

Frequently tap F1 or F2 until the BIOS appears:

Frequently press the key to get the job done. Finally, you will find the brand name of your pc like ″lenovo″ on the black screen of the computer and finally go to ″to Setup.″

Final Word:

So, have you learned anything about how to get to bios on lenovo ideapad? Our expectation was high that you could have received a lot from this article.

We believe we have achieved our goal. If you still have any query feels free to comment on the comment section.