How to Lose Weight While Eating Junk Food

How to Lose Weight While Eating Junk Food

Junk food can be your best friend in the time of stress, accomplishment, and even sorrow. But overlooking how much you are consuming junk food can become you worst enemy. We all strive to be healthy and conscious eaters but let’s face it; sometimes you just can’t resist that sweet tooth. Here you will find some realistic ways to have your cake and eat it too.

1.) Don’t eat junk food alone while trying to lose weight.

No matter how you may feel the need to stuff your face with the cake, ice cream, brownies, and cookies, you must avoid eating them when you are alone. If you are going to learn how to lose weight you must be aware of what you are eating. If you want to have junk food while trying to lose weight, then make sure that you have a special friend around to share the junk food with. No one likes for other people to see how much of a gluttonous pig they are. That’s just the truth.

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2.) Watch your portion sizes while trying to lose weight.

We have been graced with the luxury of having food labels which are helpful when trying to lose weight. You must read the labels in order to benefit while trying to lose weight because you must know how much you are eating. The brain can trick you into believing that you have not consumed as much as you think you have. Being aware of your portion sizes is just as important as watching what you put your mouth.

3.) Be true to yourself while trying to lose weight.

If you know that you have a problem such as overeating when you eat junk food then it would be wise to stay away from that particular item while trying to lose weight. We all have our weaknesses and when we come to terms with this then the true change will begin to show through.

The odds are that you have some type of favorite junk food that is preventing you from succeeding at losing weight. If so, you must set some type of limitation to when you will eat that particular junk food and how you will eat it.

4.) Try alternatives to satisfy you sweet tooth while trying to lose weight.

If you crave chocolate junk food then try some of the Jell-O Chocolate Pudding in the refrigerated section at the grocery store. The individual cups have only 60 calories and they also have no sugar added. The sweetness comes from the natural sweetener Xylitol.

To make the Jell-O Chocolate Pudding even more delightful; top your chocolate pudding with Reddi Whip while trying to lose weight. Reddi Whip is sweet enough, creamy enough, and has low sugar and calorie content. (The Jell-O Chocolate Pudding in addition to the Reddi Whip will be delightful, so only have one of those per day). Remember that moderation is the key to losing weight.

5.) Write down the junk food you consume while trying to lose weight.

When you have a journal of what you are consuming you will be more likely to hold yourself accountable for your late night creeping. Having to come face to face with your junk food consumption while trying to lose weight is a key factor to coming to terms with how you may be cheating yourself. Journaling can the difference in your success and your failure.

Being able to see how good you have been is great motivation for staying on track to lose weight.

Don’t get discouraged.

Losing weight can be a discouraging task to accomplishment. Having simple ideas to stay on track can be crucial in your journey to success. Keep the above ideas in mind and you too can be on your way to living a healthy and fit life.