How to Make Portable Air Conditioners Colder?


Portable air conditioners have a self-contained system of cooling, including a built-in compressor and a refrigerant system.  This is different from a window-mounted air conditioner, which vents out hot air to the outdoors.

Tips on How to Make the Air Conditioners Colder

Here are some tips on how to make your portable air conditioner colder.

1. Cool the room first

If you’re trying to cool the room, turn on your portable air conditioner and let it run for about an hour. This should give you enough time to cool down the room temperature so you can achieve maximum cooling power from the unit.

2. Adjust airflow direction

Most units have adjustable vents that allow you to point them in different directions. Pointing them at the ceiling or away from you is less effective than pointing them at your body.

3.  Turn off the compressor

Turn off the compressor when you feel comfortable with the temperature. Adding a direct cooling effect from an air conditioner will also help achieve maximum cooling power from the unit.

4.  Use ice to cool down

You can place ice or other cold items around the storage bin to speed up the process of achieving maximum coldness. Just make sure that they don’t get in the way of the air coming out of the unit.

5.  Adjust the temperature control

Some portable air conditioners allow you to adjust the temperature output for more cooling power. If you’ve tried all these tips and you feel like your unit works too slowly, give it a try. It might help if you turn up the temperature and let it run at high speed.

6. Keep doors open

Keep doors, and windows shut but leave them slightly ajar so cold air can be pulled in from outside naturally, without forcing too much hot air into the room to compensate for. If you just keep the door closed completely, both hot and cool air will be trapped inside, and it won’t do you any good.

7. Put the unit in the path of a fan

Point an exhaust fan so that it blows directly on your portable air conditioning unit to help spread cool air around the room more quickly.

8. Leave when it gets cold enough

When your portable air conditioner reaches the desired temperature, turn it off and let it begin to cool down. This will ensure that your unit doesn’t overheat while you’re gone. Just make sure to give the unit enough time to get back to the right temperature before you return home.

9. Place the unit in the right place

Positioning your portable air conditioner correctly is just as important as setting it to the coldest temperature. It needs to be kept in an open area with plenty of ventilation, where the cold air can flow freely. If you put it away in a hard-to-access spot or cover it up with furniture, you’ll lose a good chunk of its cooling power.

10. Keep the unit clean

If your Blast Portable AC Preis is struggling to cool you off, it may be time for a more thorough cleaning. If dirt or debris is blocking the intake or exhaust vents, your unit won’t perform at its maximum potential and will become less effective with each passing day. Keep up on regular maintenance and clean the filter once a week.


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