How to make Whatsapp Default Messaging App

How to make Whatsapp Default Messaging App

Do you know about the best social media platforms? Surely now, you are thinking about WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO, and Twitter, etc.

But while we compare all of them, we found that the more convenient among all above is WhatsApp. It is a simple, free, and quick app that helps you to connect with your loved ones with ease.

The chat system is fantastic and straightforward; you do not face problems like hanging apps during use in WhatsApp. You can easily attach your required files and send them with ease.

We also find that some of our contacts do not have WhatsApp, and they send us messages in the old SIM inbox. We feel difficulty to manage people on both sides, and sometimes we miss our important messages. Visit here:

What is the solution in your mind? No solution? But we have a solution to your problem, and you will be able to manage all your contacts on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has become a necessary app for everybody’s mobile phone. Today we will tell you a simple method by which you will manage all of your contacts on WhatsApp.

Please for knowing about the process of setting WhatsApp as your default messaging app stay with us at our article How to make WhatsApp default messaging app?

How to make Whatsapp your default messaging app?

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For making your contacts more managed, it is a better idea to keep them on one platform. But it is not possible to take all of them on one platform.

Maybe someone does not like that platform which you are using. Here are some simple suggestions, so you do not worry, shift all of your contacts on your Whatsapp.

We will teach you how you can make your WhatsApp a default messaging app in our below content.

Before making your WhatsApp a default messaging app, you need to follow these steps.

• Go to the inbox of your Sim messages app on your mobile phone.
• Have you opened it? Now press the SIM message app; there, you will see some options.
• Maybe you see set messenger as the default messaging and WhatsApp as default messages.
• Now tap on WhatsApp.
• Now open your WhatsApp, you will see all of the mobile number SMS in WhatsApp.
• You can check and verify it by sending SMS from another mobile number to your mobile number. Have you seen a message from your mobile number? It means you have successfully set WhatsApp as the default messaging app.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts:

Whatsapp no doubt is the best platform for individual and professional people. To make our life managed and ease Whatsapp, continuously adding new features in its app.

While we see its best features, we find an excellent feature that helps us manage our contacts to set this app as our default messaging app.

Now you can set your WhatsApp as a default messaging app by getting help from our article How to make WhatsApp default messaging app?