How to Pack Your Jewelry for Moving

How to Pack Your Jewelry for Moving

Packing your jewelry for a move can be difficult. You want to make sure that you take care of all of the pieces and make sure they don’t get damaged in transit. Here are some tips on how to keep everything intact when moving.

Items you should take out of the box:

Anything fragile or bulky needs to be taken out before packing it away in the boxes, so it doesn’t get smashed during loading and unloading. In addition, if there is anything valuable or sentimental, then this would also qualify as an item that needs to be removed from its original packaging before being packed away in a box.

How to Secure All of These Items in Place with Stretch Wrap?

How to Secure All of These Items in Place with Stretch Wrap

To help hold everything together while still keeping the items from moving, use a stretch wrap. Stretch it around an object and take a little bit at a time to secure it in place. This will keep everything together through the move without causing any damage.

How to Label Them Properly?

On each box, make sure you have a list of what is inside of each one. If it has a lot of jewelry, make sure you have a piece of paper with what is inside and attach it to the box. It’s also important to write down on the paper an inventory number, so you know which piece of jewelry is in each box.

What Not To Do When Packing Jewelry for Moving

What Not To Do When Packing Jewelry for Moving

Moving jewelry is an important task, and if not done right, it can lead to breakage and lost memories. Here are some things to avoid so that you can ensure a successful move.

Here’s what NOT to do:

1) Don’t put your gems and pearls with other delicate pieces of jewelry because they usually get crushed easily.

2) Don’t wrap everything in the same kind of packing paper. Instead, wrap more expensive pieces with another layer or two of bubble wrap or packing paper before rolling them up, just in case anything breaks.

3) Don’t wrap any jewelry that has been dropped on the floor because it’s likely full of dirt and bacteria and who knows what else! Rinse it immediately.

4) Don’t layer paper money with jewelry because if your boxes get wet, then you’ll have to throw out your money too!

5) Don’t attempt to wrap chains in bubble wrap or packing paper unless they are very fragile and easily tangled. Chains can be wrapped neatly in a waxed string instead. Again, make sure the string is very thin, and remove as much excess as possible not to snag.

6) Don’t place any jewelry in the same box as food or other organic materials because they can attract insects or rodents.

7) Last but not least, don’t forget to purchase some stretch wrap at your local movers for added security!

Final Words:

With these tips in mind, it should be much easier to store away your most cherished pieces without any damage being done. Remember to take care of anything small or fragile, wrap it up in bubble or packing paper, store the items in a plastic bag, secure them with stretch wrap, and label each box with what is inside of it. These tips will help you prepare your jewelry so that they are properly packed for moving.