How to Paint Interior

How to Paint Interior

For any homeowner interior painting counts a lot. Because proper paints with matching colors on the interior of a house can change its look distinctively. Many a times, even the feel-good factor gets added with the perfect coat of paint over the walls of a house. Small cracks and uneven forms can be hidden if the applied coat is smooth and even. However, it is not always easy to get a flawless paint on the interiors without proper equipments. Painting the interiors with faux finishing needs a great deal of practice which mostly professionals are acquainted with.

Below mentioned are some important steps for painting the interiors of a house cause mistakes do occur resulting in fade look of the whole wall or any interior: –

Paint Interior
  • Smoothening of the surface: – Initially, you have the clean or remove the old coat uniformly. This should be done with proper equipment so that no uneven part remains. Make sure that all the decorative materials and furniture to stay covered with any drop-cloth or plastic. This is done so that the dust and scraps do not fall and make them untidy.
  • Precautions: – Wear a mask so that you do not inhale any dust coming out while removing the old paint. Even while applying a new coat with a sprayer, it can harm your lungs if you inhale anything toxic. Instead you can use a respirator for protecting yourself from inhaling any paint particles or droplets. Because paints do have harmful chemical composition. Proper eye gears should be worn while painting or removing a coat as small particles might enter the eye leading to serious consequences.
  • Applying the coat: – The coat of paint should always be made thin before applying the first layer. This can be done applying some solutions which are generally recommended on the labels of the paint box. For smooth application of the paint, make sure that the nozzles are clean and made free flowing. Regularly, keep cleaning the nozzles so that they do not get clogged.
  • Guidelines: – There is always an instruction manual while buying any paint. Tread it carefully before applying your desired coat of paint. Keep an observation that no gaps are left after the first coat. Normally you need to apply 3-4 coats of paint to get a smooth surface or to hide uneven cracks of a wall or any interior. As soon as the first coat is dry, apply coat of paint. Have an observation that you do not apply a very thick coat on the first instance. To apply faux finishes, follow the instructions and give your interiors a relatively smooth touch.
  • Color selection: – The selection of the shade or the color depends solely on you. Normally, people go for those colored paints that create a combination with any of their decorative inside the hall or room. Matching shades with the curtain or furniture are a general option for the homeowners to select with before painting the interiors.

Equipments required: – Paint
Covering plastic/ drop cloth
Eye gears Paint thinner

Following the above steps you can give a new looks to your interiors at a relatively easy approach.