How to Paint Laminate Furniture

How to Paint Laminate Furniture

Laminate furniture is surfaced with non-wood material designed to look like real wood. This surface material is bonded to a core, usually particle board, which give the furniture its stability and strength. Today’s laminate furniture can be surprisingly realistic looking. The advantages of laminate furniture are that it is relatively inexpensive and, if properly cared for, durable and long lasting.

If you have laminate furniture that it starting to show its age, you can give it a new, updated look with paint, click this. Here’s how to paint laminate furniture.

Paint Laminate Furniture

1. Gather the equipment that you will need for your furniture painting project, including detergent, a bucket, rubber gloves, a mask, fine grade sandpaper, primer, paint, clear polyurethane sealer, a screw driver (if you need to remove hardware or dismantle the piece), and newspaper or a large drop cloth. If you are using spray paint, you should also have eye protection such as goggles

2. Start by removing any hardware such as drawer pulls and hinges from the furniture.

3. Disassembling the furniture, if possible, will make your painting project far easier, so take it apart if you can.

4. Sponge off the furniture with warm water and detergent, then rinse it well and let it dry completely.

5. Sand the surface of the furniture lightly with fine grade sandpaper. This step is critical, because primer and paint will adhere much better to a matte surface than glossy or slick surface. When you are finished sanding, remove all excess sawdust with a brush, a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth, or a vacuum. If you use a damp cloth, be sure that the surface of the furniture is dry before continuing.

6. Before painting laminate furniture, apply a layer of primer and let it dry completely. Be sure to follow the instructions on the primer with regard to drying time. Don’t just rely on touch, which can be misleading.

7. Paint laminate furniture with either oil-based (for longer wear) or latex paint. You can brush or spray on paint. If you use spray paint, hold your hand at least 8 to 12 inches from the furniture and use a smooth, steady sweeping motion as you spray. Standing too close can cause pooling and dripping.

8. Apply one coat of paint, then let it the paint dry completely before spray painting a second coat.

9. Finish by apply a coat of clear polyurethane sealer to the furniture.

10. When the sealer is dry, reassemble the furniture (if necessary) and replace the hardware. Have a little extra paint on hand to touch up any small dings or scratches that occur as you replace hardware or put the furniture back together.

11. Always think safety when painting laminate furniture. For example, wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose when sanding and when using spray paint, wear goggles when spray painting, and protect your hands with gloves. Also, always paint laminate furniture in a well-ventilated area and never spray paint laminate furniture where there is the risk of a spark or flame.


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