Make Free Beaded Friendship Bracelets from Recycled Clothes and Jewelry

Make Free Beaded Friendship Bracelets from Recycled Clothes and Jewelry

A beaded friendship bracelet can be made with fabric strips cut from recycled clothes. If you have old beaded jewelry, you can use the beads for this bracelet. Using recycled beads and clothes is a way to make a pretty friendship bracelet for free. This is a great craft project to get the kids involved in.

Beaded Friendship Bracelets

Beaded Friendship Bracelets


Beaded jewelry
Recycled clothes
Sewing needle and thread (optional)
Tape measure


1. Cut a string of jewelry beads with scissors. Place the loose beads in dishes. If there are several styles of beads, use an old egg carton to separate the beads. The amount of beads you will need will depend on how many you want to tie on the middle fabric strip.

2. You can use two or three different pieces of clothing. Try to choose clothes that have different prints and colors. Wash and iron the clothes that will be used to make the bracelets. Lay each piece of clothing out on a flat service.

3. You will want to trace and cut 3 strips of fabric that are 1/4 inch wide, and 22 inches in length.

4. Tie the three strips together at the top. Then place this tied section on a clipboard. This will help keep the cloth pieces secure and steady while beading and braiding the friendship bracelet.

5. Slide your first bead on the middle strip. Tie a knot to keep the bead in place. Slide another bead on the fabric strip, then tie a knot to keep it in place. Repeat until the amount of beads you want are strung and tied on the center strip. Another option is to string beads on the entire middle strip, then tie a knot at the end of the strip to keep all the beads in place. If the bead centers are too small, you can sew them down the fabric strip.

6. Place the first strip over the center strip. Then place the end strip in between the first and middle strip. Pull tight. Repeat these steps for braiding until the strips are braided approximately 3/4 of the way down. If it is easier, braid the strips the way you would braid your hair. What is so pretty about these friendship bracelets is the sporadic beading detail throughout because of the braiding design.

what size bracelet is needed

7. Measure the wrist to know what size bracelet is needed. Keep braiding the friendship bracelet until it measures two inches more than the size of the wrist. When you are done braiding the bracelet, tie the three ends together. Cut off the excess fabric. Tie the friendship bracelet around the wrist.