Quercetin: Natural Allergy Combatant


If you’re one of those allergy sufferers who have symptoms year round, then you may benefit from adding Quercetin to your daily supplements.

Millions of allergy sufferers experience symptoms year round from exposure to indoor and outdoor allergens. On the inside there is a never ending supply of dust, dust mites, mold, and chemical solvents. Whereas pollen, grass, mold spores and shrubs trigger outside allergies.

I’m an allergy sufferer with both indoor and outdoor allergies. A visit to an allergist resulted in a series of tests. The results showed that I was allergic to the usually indoor and outdoor culprits, along with cats and formaldehyde resin, which he said was a substance used in most manufactured items. I was told to buy an air purifier, protective slip covers for my pillows and mattress, a Hepa vacuum cleaner, organic or natural cleaning items, and that I had to wear a mask and gloves when cleaning. He wrote a prescription for an antihistamine and suggested I take it with an over-the-counter decongestant.

I experienced a vast improvement after following the doctor’s instructions, but decided to find a natural form of medication. I asked the owner of a small vitamin-health food store (Manna Foods in White Plains, NY) and he suggested trying quercetin powder. His store produces a brand of supplements under the name Mannavites. The Mannavites Quercetin 500 supplement includes a mix of Quercetin, Bromelain, Vitamin C and Tumeric.

adding Quercetin

Quercetin is a bioflavonoid and antioxidant – it is a natural antihistamine with anti-inflammatory properties. The highest amounts of Quercetin are found naturally in the white pulp of citrus fruits; red onions, grapes (red wine), apples, broccoli, berries, and tea.

Bromelain is a mix of enzymes found in pineapples that can help to reduce inflammation from surgery, infections and injuries.

Tumeric, a spice used in exotic cooking, is a staple in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine to treat inflammation.

Vitamin C is a champion nutrient. It is found in fruits and vegetables, and is known to be one of the most beneficial vitamins and antioxidants for overall health.

After a week of taking Mannavites Quercetin 500, I noticed a big difference in how I felt and looked. I didn’t wake up with a stuffy nose or swollen eyes, and I slept better through the night. I was so impressed by the results that I recommended the supplement to a friend.