Pet Care 101 – Is a Bird Right for You?

Pet Care 101

Birds Can Be Great Pets, but Are They Right for You?

Birds can make great pets, but you need to know it they’re the right kind of pet for you. This article will help you decide.

One of the biggest misconceptions people have when getting a bird is that they require very little care, and can be left in their cages 24/7. This is simply not true of most birds. Small social birds like finches and canaries take to caged life fairly well, but you must have more than one bird, and have them in a large cage so that they can enjoy movement and social time together. Parakeets, cockatiels, parrots and other larger birds should be allowed time out of their cages every day.

Some people believe that with cockatiels and larger breeds all they have to do is get two birds and they can get around socializing with the animal. The problem here arises with the fact that two birds will bond to each other, and you will have a very hard time getting them to accept a human afterward. Also, allowing birds to mate can be dangerous to the health of your birds if you’re not an experienced breeder.

Birds Can Be Great Pets, but Are They Right for You

People also believe that birds can live on seed alone, and therefore they’re cheap to feed. Smaller birds can do well on seed alone, since it’s what they’d eat in the wild. Most other birds however, need a pellet diet supplemented with seed, fruit and vegetables. It’s important to find a recently published book for the breed of bird you want to own, and know what their dietary requirements will be.

Birds are also messy and noisy. Now, with proper training and a few simple tricks like putting a sheet under the bird’s cage, you can make both of these a non-issue, but for some people it is more than they can handle. If you’re not willing to take the time to train and clean up after a pet, then a bird might not be right for you, look at here now.

If you want to own a bird, keep the following things in mind:

– Research bird breeds, and find the one that best fits your lifestyle. Some require more time and care than others.

– Make sure you know the dietary needs of the bird you’re looking to own, and be sure there’s a local store that sells what you’ll need.

– Buy the cage, toys and food before you buy the bird. Be sure you get a big enough cage for the bird to be comfortable in.

– Most birds will require at least two hours of social time and training each day. You’ll need patience and knowledge of training techniques for your breed.

– Birds can live a long time! Cockatiels can live 25 years, some parrots up to 75 years, so it’s a long-term commitment.

– Birds need an avian vet, not a regular one. Make sure there’s one in your area.

Once you’ve done your research you may decide a bird is right for you. If so, enjoy them, they can bring you many years of joy and love.