Review of Denman Paddle Hair Brush

Review of Denman Paddle Hair Brush

It might seem a little weird or random that I would revive a brush. However, the kind of brush we use on our hair is really important. If we use the wrong kind of brushes on our hair we can end up pulling a lot if our hair out. Not only will we end up pulling our own hair out, be we can cause more tangling in our hair if we use the wrong brush. The wrong brush can effect the shin of our hair, it can actually dull or hair natural shine! Aren’t you glad I told you this?

The Denam Paddle Brush regularly retails for about $15.95. I know a little but pricey huh? Well, the manufactures make a high quality brush and they know how important having a high quality brush is! However if you are looking for a deal then just go to and you can get this brush for $11.95.

Paddle Hair Brush

The company that makes this brush is British. The brush is flat with little ball tips and nylon pins. We all have owned a brush tat looks similar to this. There is a rubber handle ant the base is air cushioned. Just in case you were wondering this kind of brush is to be used for detangling hair. This brush works great for people who have long hair. To discover effective information on hair brush, you have to visit this website.

The benefits of this brush are just great! The brush has a great ergonomic design that is easy to keep a good grip on especially when you are blow drying your hair. There is a textured design on the rubber handle so that your hand will not slip when you are working hard to detangle that nappy hair. Another great feature of this product is that it is resistant to heat and all the chemicals we use in our hair. One of the most annoying things to brush your hair and blow dry it at the same time and your brush is melting in your hair. So not cool.

The pins on this rush are strong, but they are flexible enough to follow the contours of your head. The nylon pins will not rip your hair out your hair and is a great potion for gentle grooming. If you need a heads massage you can use this brush to help relieve any stress that has been building up in your head. This brush will also last you a long time and is very easy to clean.