Review of JBuds Hi-Fi Earphones

Review of JBuds Hi-Fi Earphones

Many music fans are willing to drop some cash on a JBud pair of headphones or earphones. When it comes to the JBud brand, do they deserve the business they get? For consumers looking for a new companion to their MP3 player or a pair of headphones for their portable gaming device – just how worth it is a pair of JBuds?

The model I decided to pick up (Hi-Fi, gold-plated audio jack) comes in three colors: pink, black, and white. Finding the pink to be unappealing to my target audience (males), the decision on which color to get was between black and white. In the end I decided on the sleek black ear buds. Purchasing them at a discount electronics store, I was able to pick up my JBuds at a very reasonable $7. No minor deal considering the quality material used to make the little headphones.

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Looking at the little ear buds will elicit either a pleasant smile or an awkward stare. Unlike most budget earphones, the JBuds have a soft material at the earpiece. For some this is a great feature and further enhances the quality of the JBuds. However there are those that actually prefer the ‘plastic’ feel of most earphones and find anything too soft to be irritating to the inner ear or even tickling at times. I personally believe most potential buyers will appreciate the attention paid to comfort. Furthermore, the soft material makes extended use much more appealing, find more info.

Attaching my new pair of earphones to a Disney Mickey Mouse player, I decided to have a go at some of my favorite alternative songs. Finger Eleven’sStay In Shadow” and Three Doors Down’sKryptonite” both played great with no noticeable drop in quality. Saliva‘s “Ladies and Gentlemen” and Korn’sTwisted Transistor” continued the trend. The primary function of the JBuds proved to be perfectly fine. When listening to songs with heavy bass I also noticed crisper output when compared to my MeElectronics headphones. Whereas the MeElectronics had a tendency to ‘blur’ the sounds together when the songs got too intense- Linkin Park’sFaint” being a prime example.

All things considered, I’m very happy with the JBuds. When using them on my Nintendo DSi, I found much appreciated premium sound quality when playing Disgaea DS, Jump Superstars, and Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2. If you can find a nicely priced JBud pair of earphones, I’d highly recommend them for MP3s or music.