What is the best way to make a neon sign last longer?


Neon signs, like all other types of lights, will lose brightness over time. The duration for this type of sign depends on the power it pulls and where it is installed. For example, an outdoor neon sign could last much longer than one indoors because there are fewer sources of light to compete with outside.

How to make a neon sign last?

There are several factors that contribute to the longevity of a neon light. Here below are some of the most important for your consideration:

1.  Get A Good Power Source.

One way to prolong the life of a neon sign is to get a good power source. Neon signs that are only powered by electricity should be made sure that they are properly grounded. Signs that are powered by generators should take care not to overload them. If you already own a generator, it is important to know the capacity of current for your sign and make sure not to run other high-power appliances at the same time as decorative lighting.

2.  Use Good Electronic Materials.

A neon sign can last much longer if it is well connected. The classic signs have a separate metal grid or housing that is installed around the support wires and held in place with clips or screws. There should be a clip for every wire. It is important to know which wire is hot, neutral, and ground each time you attach a new fixture because the signs have three wires instead of two. If your sign does not have a grounded plug, then it may be better to go with a LED light, because LEDs typically do not require grounding since they use direct current instead of alternating current like neon lights

3.  Use a Surge Protector.

Surge protectors are important to have for all electrical equipment, but they are particularly useful when it comes to neon signs. This type of protection will help to reduce the risk of damage due to power surges and blackouts.

4.  Make Sure You Have Ambient Light.

Neon lights are much easier to see when there is a light source nearby. These signs will last much longer when they have something else to contrast with. For example, it would be difficult to notice a neon sign if the only lighting source comes from above. Instead, Neon Direct signs will appear better when they are placed near a window, a desk lamp, or something else that emits light from below.

5.  Watch Out For Environmental Factors.

Neon signs may last longer in some areas than others; this is because of the environment these signs are located in. For example, if neon signs are installed where there are lots of high-powered lights, then they are more likely to be drowned out. Signs that are installed in darker locations will last much longer because they do not have as many competing light sources. Additionally, signs that are exposed to natural elements like UV rays or rain tend to lose their brightness more quickly.


In this article, we discussed how long neon signs typically last and what you can do to protect them from damage. If you have neon or need to replace your existing signage with a new one, contact us today! Our team is waiting to help you with your project.