When Does Baby need a Night Light?

When Does Baby need a Night Light

It is essential to maintain the room’s light level, especially when you are concerned about your baby’s quality of sleep.

We see many posts on different platforms that we need proper night lights for kids’ quality sleep. But the question that arises in mind is that when you should start night lights in your baby room.

Does it need to use night lights from the first day of the birth, or after some time, we need night lights for the baby?

We have researched and found some ways that will help us to find the right idea about when our children need night lights, find more info.

What are the purposes of night lights?

What are the purposes of night lights

Before knowing when our baby needs night lights, we should clarify the concept of why we need night lights in the baby’s room.

The first purpose of having night lights in your baby’s room is that they are at an early stage, and mom feeds her baby. She needs night lights for proper feeding. She needs night lights in the room to find the things for her baby to feed the baby properly.

The second reason is that when our baby grows up to two years and become reactive to its surrounding baby may feel fear at night when sleeping in the darkroom.

The third purpose of the night lights is that lights are also has a great connection with quality of sleep. The light with a lower wavelength sends a signal to the human mind to excrete the hormone, ensuring early and deep sleep. So, you can use the lights according to a purpose.

What is the idea about night lights in the early days of the infant?

Just after the infant’s birth, your baby does not need any light at the early stage because they are not reactive to the surroundings. There is no problem with the darkroom in the first few months.

If you do not like the lights, you can keep your room dark, and for collecting things for a baby feed, you can keep a torch or phone with you. When you need light, turn the torchlight and do your job; after feeding, turn off the light.

The tenure in a baby’s life between birthdays to two years does not need any lights in the room. To know further about when to use night lights, read here: 

What is the idea about night light after two years?

When your baby turns above the age of two years, the baby needs night lights because he feels fear sleeping in the darkroom.

You need to install night lights, but here you need to choose a careful option of lights. Try to arrange such lights that make your baby comfortable to sleep and protect them from any fear.

You can choose dim lights such as white, light blue, and green lights, which have lower wavelengths and greatly impact the mind to excrete the sleeping hormone. Never install red light because it has a high wavelength and also irritates eyes.

Final Thoughts:

Installing night lights in the baby’s room is the right idea, but there is no need to install night lights in a child’s early years. But after the age of two, your baby needs suitable night lights that protect the baby from fear and help the baby get good sleep.