Why Are Koi Carp So Valuable?


The question of why are koi carp so valuable is a popular one in the koi hobby. This Japanese fish has six distinct colors in their skin. These are red, yellow, black, white, blue and metallic. A koi with a red pattern must have a white body and lots of red cells. Traditionally, red and gold were considered prestigious colors, signifying happiness and purity.

9 Reasons Why Koi Fish Are So Valuable

The beauty of koi carp has led to their high price, with the most expensive specimens selling for $2.2 million. While many factors play into the value of koi, size and attraction are major factors. In the case of koi, breeding plays a key role, with highly coloured and rare types fetching over a million dollars. According to the author of this article, “A very rare and beautiful pond fish can be worth millions of dollars.”

So Expensive

During the 12th emperor’s visit to Kuguri No Miya, a female koi carp was sold for 1.8 million US dollars. This was an amazing price for a koi fish. This is not the first time that a koi fish has been sold for a million dollars. Many are sold for a thousand dollars or more in the Japanese market. This is because the color and breeding lineage of these fish are incredibly valuable. These koi carp are very difficult to breed and require extreme bio-security.

Buying from a Breeder

A koi fish’s value is a function of its size and the quality of its spawn. They reproduce by spawning. The male fertilizes the egg, which is then hatched by the female. It is difficult to maintain the eggs, but the resulting fry exhibit a wide range of quality and color. The higher the quality, the higher the price. Therefore, a koi is worth at least as much as its original cost.

More Attractive

While koi are considered valuable pond fish, their value is largely determined by several factors. They are larger and more attractive than ordinary goldfish, and their lineage and coloring are also important factors in their value. You have to build a large pond to fit them, and measure their volume accurately by using a pond volume calculator. A well-bred koi may be worth more than a car. The koi industry is extremely profitable in the United States, with some koi fetching upwards of $1 million.

Unique Morphology

The reason why koi are so valued is their unique morphology. While goldfish are known for their unique appearance, koi are prized for their beauty. They have a unique color pattern, which makes them a highly sought-after fish in the market. In addition to their beautiful colors and beautiful patterns, koi are also valued for their longevity. The Japanese koi is considered to be a symbol, so if the koi you are looking at has a special meaning, you are sure to find a beautiful one.

Unique Color

There are two reasons why koi are so valuable. The first is that they are beautiful. The second is that koi have a unique coloration. A more colorful koi can command a higher price than a regular carp. Its beauty and a unique coloration make it a sought-after fish. The third reason is because it is rare.


The most famous benefit of koi is their beauty. They are highly adaptable and are known to reproduce in large numbers. Their colorful color is the key factor for making a koi valuable. Unlike goldfish, koi are more expensive when they are bigger. Moreover, the more rare and expensive the koi, the better. This is one of the reasons why koi are more valuable than goldfish.