Why Is It Important to Backup Photos?

Why Is It Important to Backup Photos

Even if you use a cloud solution or hard drive to backup your photos, you should make regular backups of your pictures. You can also store physical discs in a safe deposit box or mail them to a friend or family member. If you’re worried that your photos are lost, don’t be. Backing up your photos is cheap, easy, and automated. And it’s important. After all, you can’t be sure when disaster strikes.

It’s cheap

There are a number of different options available for backing up photos online. Online cloud storage is convenient, but it’s not a 100% reliable backup option. For example, online cloud storage companies may go belly up or change their prices without warning. And some have even gone bankrupt and been purchased by Facebook! It’s not worth storing a lot of photos and videos on an online cloud storage service when you’re prone to data loss.

Another option is to back up photos to discs. These are inexpensive and easily stored, but they’re retro and easily damaged. And while internet connections can be erratic, discs are a good backup option. Just be sure to keep the backup separate from your camera or laptop. If you’re traveling, image backup can be a complex process. And while online backup is convenient, it’s also not practical if you can’t access your photos when you need those most, photo backup drive cheap.

It’s easy

Backing up your photos is important to protect them in case of loss or theft. In addition, hardware failures and other catastrophes can cause photos to be lost forever. In fact, losing data on your computer or smartphone can be catastrophic. Backing up your photos is the equivalent of purchasing insurance against disasters. Fortunately, backing up your photos is a simple process and doesn’t require a lot of effort. Read on to find out how to back up your photos.

A dedicated photo backup software is the most effective way to protect your photographs. However, many external hard drives come with photo backup software. For free backup software, consider EaseUS Todo Backup or Paragon Backup & Recovery. Another option is to use a cloud backup service that automatically backs up your photos to a server on the internet. These services can automatically back up all of your photos, making it simple to access and restore your files at any time.

It’s automated

Professional photographers and videographers know how important it is to backup their photos. Manually backing up images is time-consuming and not foolproof. Whether you backup photos locally on a hard drive or upload them to an online backup service, you may not be able to retrieve the files if something happens to the computer. Even the most well-established cloud services, such as Google Drive, may fail to protect your photos. In 2001, Kodak, a leading photography company for decades, created a website called Kodak Gallery to house your pictures.


Another option is using the social networking sites to backup your photos. Facebook’s mobile app offers automatic backups, but it’s not ideal for archiving photos. SugarSync is an all-purpose automated backup service, which supports most file formats, including RAW files. Both services work similarly and offer similar features. But which service is right for you? This depends on the file type and your needs. There are several good cloud services out there.