Wristwatch Review: Pulsar Men’s Analog Dress Watch

Wristwatch Review

The Pulsar slogan is “where substance meets style.” Let’s take a look at how this slogan applies to my Pulsar Men’s Analog Dress Watch. My Pulsar Men’s Analog Dress watch is all business. It has a moderately shiny stainless body, bezel, and band. The finish is simply silver stainless with a light silver face. My Pulsar has a relentlessly practical character with almost no frills. It can tell you the time, the day, and the date. That’s all you need. There is no rotating bezel. There are no sub-dials or extra buttons. There are no electronic doo-hickeys and there are no clever mechanical gadgets. Some might say that my Pulsar wristwatch is a little boring. However, I think my Pulsar has three things going for it: practicality, style, and substance.

On the style front, my Pulsar Men’s Analog Dress watch is first and foremost well proportioned. The band fits my 8 and 1/2 inch wrists without pulling out any arm hairs. With a face measuring about 1 and 1/4-inch and a 5/8-inch thick case, this Pulsar watch is big enough to have substance, but lightweight enough to be comfortable all day long. Thoughtful design touches include a a case that is just slightly tapered out to protect the crown. The watch case is thin enough to fit under the cuff of a dress shirt. The nearly monochromatic color scheme on my Pulsar analog watch is attractive, but not flashy. Instead of large numerals on its face, this Pulsar Men’s Analog Dress Watch relies on thin, shiny, subtle hashes in five minute intervals. The styling of this watch is completely understated and completely appropriate for the office.


The appropriateness of the Pulsar Men’s Analog Dress Watch is reinforced by the Pulsar label. As a Seiko brand, the Pulsar Men’s Analog Dress Watch has a quality Japanese movement inside. Seiko is known for making high quality quartz watches and the trust extends to the Pulsar watch brand and even the more affordable Lorus watch brand. In an era of $12 Walmart watches, a name brand watch has to deliver value. A Pulsar watch has a good pedigree and is known as a good watch. Some affordable watch brands come close to perfection in a dress, but then ruin a good thing with a slightly oversized case, a cheap paint job, an ill-fitting band, a rough edge against your skin, or an inappropriately chosen font on the watch face. The Pulsar deftly avoids the pitfalls that afflict many bargain watches and delivers a substantially built, practical, watch of high quality at a fair price.

My Pulsar Men’s Analog Dress Watch is dressier than more casual and more practical than my Armitron Diamond Dress Watch, but more elegant and dressier than my less expensive Casio Men’s Analog Dress Watch. I appreciate having a day and date displayed. The feature comes in handy several times per week. Overall, I believe the Pulsar Men’s Analog Dress Watch is a good value and a great addition to my watch box. Although my Pulsar is several years old, except for the bezel shape and faceplate background, it looks similar to today’s Pulsar model P6029 which now retails for about $110. In an era of clunky infomercial watches, this Pulsar communicates that the wearer is a competent, no-nonsense, person of substance with just a dash of style.