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Types of Bird Houses and the Birds They House

Types of Bird Houses and the Birds They House

There are many different types of birds that are accustomed to different environments. Because this is true, not any single birdhouse will be able to accommodate every bird in a certain region. If an avid bird watcher wants to house a specific bird, it then becomes necessary to learn the intricacies of bird housing.

For some types of birds, it is necessary to use multiple housing compartments. This is because some species of birds will only nest as a group, and therefore the common birdhouse will not be able to meet their requirements. The acceptable type of birdhouse for colonized birds, such as the Purple Martin bird, looks much like apartment complexes rather than a traditional birdhouse.

Bird Houses

Some birds will only take residence in a birdhouse if the hole into the residence is small enough. This is true in the case of the swallow family of birds, who need a hole no bigger than an inch and half or predators will come into the birdhouse and cause mayhem. To appeal to a swallow, a birdhouse must be anywhere from an inch to an inch and a half and no more, or they will try to find safer living arrangements.

The classic birdhouse, which is only one compartment, appeals to birds such as the woodpecker. Such birds are fine with not nesting with other birds of their type, do not usually need a specific hole margin, and will generally live in a wide variety of birdhouses. This means that the average birdhouse obtained or made can appeal to a wide variety of birds- just like the woodpecker. But in the woodpecker’s case, they don’t add cushion to their nests, so adding a bit of woodchips will help provide safety for eggs.

Other types of birds will need a large space in which to build their own nest in. Just like the woodpecker, the Great Crested Flycatcher will be able to make use of most conventional birdhouses. But this bird will attempt to make its own nest in the birdhouse- meaning it should be slightly larger than the average birdhouse most are accustomed to. It’s important to include an easy way of cleaning the birdhouse when making them.

Many types of birds are perfectly fine with making a conventional nest in a tree or bush- and bird watchers don’t necessarily need to provide special housing just to enjoy a good view of nature. But in the case of bird watchers who enjoy up close action, and views of specific birds, setting out the right birdhouse can mean all the difference.

Closing Comments

Bird watching can be a very enjoyable sport for the elderly, or for anyone with a good appreciation of nature. Whatever the case, putting out the correct birdhouse in order to see a certain type of species of bird will be necessary for bird watchers to get maximum effect from nature. If all else fails, buying a birdhouse from the hardware department of many general stores can make the process much simpler in design and in terms of effort.

Top 5 Organic Long Sleeve Style Tops for Women

Top 5 Organic Long Sleeve Style Tops for Women

Being environmentally conscious and green-minded is in now. Purchasing and wearing clothing that are made from organic or recycled material is good thing to do for yourself and the environment. Here are a few apparel style tips to get you in the trend.

Rawganique Button Down Hemp Shirt

Rawganique Button Down Hemp Shirt

Clothing that are made from hemp have been becoming extremely popular these days. For those needing a more professional look for their work attire, but still want to be earth friendly at the same time, these organically grown hemp shirts are just the thing. They look exactly like regular dress shirts except for the fact that their manufacture process and material make have minimal impact on the environment. They are chemical free and sweatshop free, and even the buttons on the shirts are made from all natural materials – seashells. Available in 2 classic colors, these shirts retail for about $79.00 each.

Bgreen Apparel Organic Deep V-Neck Long Sleeve Tee

Made with 100% organic cotton, this flattering fit comes in fourteen appealing shade in is available in sizes Small through Extra Large. V-Neck style shirts always turn a casual outfit into something a little more alluring, and what can be better than it being made of 100% organic cotton with little impact on the environment? These tees retail for about $30 each.
Bgreen Apparel Organic Crew Neck Long Sleeve Tee

Crew neck tees have been a staple in casual attire wardrobes due to their comfortableness and low maintenance. Since crew neck tees are so versatile while not make it last by containing one made in 100% organic cotton? Not only does organic cotton have less irritants and allergens than non-organic cotton, but it also makes that frequent wearing a little more enjoyable. These retail for about $30 each and are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, check more details here.

Hessnatur Organic Cotton Collared Tee

Hessnatur Organic Cotton Collared Tee

Here is a new take on the uniform polo look – a long sleeve top with an open neck collar. Keeping the tee from looking too casual, these can be worn in work settings or just running errands around town. Made with 100% organic cotton, these tops are available in three classic colors and retail fro about $48.

Hessnatur Organic Cotton Henley Tee

There is something about adding a few buttons and ruffle details to a common longsleeve tee that spices up the attire a bit. These femininely detailed henleys are made with certified organic farmed cotton and are free of any synthetic dyes. These are available in two beautiful colors and retails for $48 each.

Tips to Receive more Instagram Followers

Tips to Receive more Instagram Followers

Buy real instagram followers It is not hard to get maximum instagram followers because you can follow some tips to acquire this task.  Instagram is a most famous photo sharing application in the world. You can use this application on your mobile to share your photos and pictures online. You just need to cover three steps to share your picture to your friends. The most important steps of this process include take snaps, upload on instagram, edit snap and share the picture online. Therefore it is very comfortable and easy to do this process online. Now the business use of instagram has become most common in the world because most of business related people prefer to use this application to share the pictures. It is very simple to create instagram account and share the pictures to your friends but it is very hard to receive the maximum followers. You can follow some steps to receive more buy real instagram followers cheap for your pictures.

Instagram Followers
  • Use Hashtags

The most important and simple process to get maximum followers on instagram is the use of Hashtags. You can use multiple hashtags for your posts. The Hashtags can be used on instagram based upon the subject matter, location of pictures and type of picture. Therefore you should take extra care and use the maximum Hashtags for your picture, look at here now.

  • Get free instagram followers

In order to buy real instagram followers cheap, you must use the get and take policy. You should spend some time to comment on other posts. You can also like the pictures and posts of other people. In return they will like and share your picture. They will leave comments for your pictures. It is a best method and way to get maximum likes and comments.

  • Join community to get more instagram followers

You can join the activities online to get more followers free of cost. There is no need to invest and purchase the instagram followers from any source except you really trust a source or if a source has been successfully used by someone you know and you can trust. You just need to participate in online community program to get the cheap instagram followers. Therefore you should use this option. The use of instagram follower has become most common and important in the world. Most of business related people use the instagram to share pictures and photos. Therefore you can also use this source to share your pictures.

How to Learn CNC Programming – Top CNC Programs to Use

How to Learn CNC Programming

So you want to know how to learn cnc programming? Well cnc programming is a skill that can really take you places and is now a highly sought after skill within the construction and manufacture process. Below is my guide on what is cnc programming and tips and tricks as well as solid information on learning cnc programming.

Here is how the guide will be split up to help you:

1. Where to find cnc programming schools or tutorials

2. What is the best cnc machine programming software out there?

3. What are cnc programming g codes or the most common cnc programming language?

4. How to outsource the task so you will not have to worry about it

5. Top resources for cnc programming training

Where to find great cnc programming schools and a great cnc programming tutorial

Where to find great cnc programming schools and a great cnc programming tutorial
Where to find great cnc programming schools and a great cnc programming tutorial

So you want the best cnc programming schools or top tutorials? Well first up, let’s take a look at your set-up.

Make sure you have the right cad background. A good knowledge of how 2d and 3d cad programs is a huge advantage. Autodesk has their AutoCAD program for 2d and 3d available for a 1 month trial. This is very similar for other 3d design cad packages. This is even the case with the Adobe packages. This allows you to try out different programs to see if any suit you. It’s kind of like taking a test drive in a car.

See which 2d and 3d cad package best suits your need. Remember for 3d rendering, you can use a free open source program called Blender.

Having a strong background in both 2d and 3d cad applications will give you a strong base for cnc programming, as you will come to understand the typical file formats that need to be exported for cnc machines, such as .stl and .iges files.

For a more academic course, cnc programming courses can vary and are generally available at the College level. Of course, using the same techniques for cad programs, you can try out a few cam programs such as MasterCAM as a demo, before you commit to certain courses that train with certain cnc program packages.

You will need to learn g-code which is the most commonly used cnc programming language. But this is up to you. I recommend learning a good range of cad/cam packages. I highly recommend MasterCAM and packages such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Pro Engineer. These programs will give you a strong cad/cam background and will give you a lot more diversity than just having knowledge in g-code alone, click here for more info.

What is the best cnc machine programming software out there?

Cnc programming software is a valuable asset to your skill-set. I highly recommend learrning the above mentioned cad software, but also t he cam software listed below:

  • Catia – Can be expensive with licences costing into 5 figures, upwards of $30,000.
  • MasterCAM – price depends on level, but for full 3d, around $12,000, with other add-on’s such as multi-axis for another $4000.
  • Pro Engineer – Can only buy licenses or seats and this can be expensive too. Solidworks is also a great alternative here depending on what you want to achieve.
  • Vericut – Cost is around $7,000 and that should get you multi axis positioning, 3 axis milling and a few other features, it can cost more depending on what simulation you want.

Of course, there are tons of different options for cam software. The above will give you a very strong base and are used a lot within the cnc and rapid prototyping industries. Other options that rate highly include (in no particular order):

  • BobCAD-CAM – V24 Mill standard cost is $2,500, while the pro version can go for around $3,500.
  • Mecsoft – Cheaper cad/cam software, definitely worth a look.
  • Edgecam – I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews about their customer support, so be weary of this software. About $2,500 a year depending on what you want.
  • GibbsCAM – Compared to EdgeCAM and MasterCAM a lot. Not 100% on price for this one, you’ll have to call them to find out.
  • HyperMill – A good alternative to MasterCAM, and great for 5 axis use. Call them to find out cost.
  • NX – No published prices, call them to find out what they have to offer for your needs.
  • SolidCAM – Integrates with Solidworks nicely.  Between $5,000 and $15,000.
  • PowerMill – Compared to HyperMill and MasterCAM, very good for multi-axis machines and definitely worth a look.
  • SurfCAM – Close to $15,000 new for a seat
  • WorkNC – used in many different industries. Nowhere to really download this product. You will need to contact your local Sescoi office.

Of course, have a look around to see what may suit your personal and professional needs as well as your budget. A great tip is to take a course and try and get an educational licence, but you will not be able to use it for professional means.

What are cnc programming g codes or the most common cnc  machine programming language?

As I mentioned above, learning g-code and cnc programming code is a good skill, but it isn’t 100% necessary with some of the cam programs mentioned above. I would say start by using some of the recommended programs above, such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MasterCAM and Pro Engineer and then learn a bit of g-code if you feel the need afterwards to learn cnc programming from another point of view.

Outsourcing your cnc so you will not have to worry about it

Outsourcing your cnc work is often a big step. A lot of people get put off by maybe getting a bad sub-contractor or not getting what they intended when dealing with contract cnc programming. I have written a few guides on this in the past here on this website. I always recommend making sure they know exactly what you want.

When dealing with cnc manufacturers abroad, send extra pictures of the cad file in both 2d and 3d. If they will be finishing the product, then include jpegs with color and finish information. Be sure you are exact with the fee as well as delivery date. Be sure to include shipping times as well as fees too.

Provide the company with a complete cad file to get a good quote and be ready to provide a detailed file so they will be able to manufacture everything properly. The key is to provide enough information in your 2d or 3d file to ensure you can send the same file to different sub-contractors and different cnc programmers to make sure they will be able to give you an accurate quote and project timeline.

Printing: Actual, Reseller or Affiliate

Printing Actual, Reseller or Affiliate

In the avenue of printing their are three main routes you can take. The actual printer, where you own an online or physical store and print the documents yourself. Print reseller or broker, where you bring the jobs to the printer and set prices, or affiliate printer where you bring business but are given a percentage of what customers buy.

The most expensive way to start is actually printing everything yourself. However, unlike the other two, you can set all the rules and prices. You also can get the best profit margin going this route. Unlike print resellers, who have to set prices according to yours, or affiliates with percentages, you can set your profit to nearly any percentage you want. You are also in complete control of your quality. Now, this may scare some people, but having this freedom allows you to do what other printers cannot, perhaps bringing in more customers.


Also, being in total control, you can make programs for affiliates and resellers. These will be looked at in detail below. Using them can get you much more customers, so if your selling abilities are not up to par, these programs can easily help you make more customers.

Again though, price is the largest here. You have to buy physical space or an online domain. Buy or rent the printers, and even if using only online stores you need to ensure you have enough space to house all the machines. You also need to be technical sound with the machines, and may have to hire others to help run them, as well as get occasional service to maintain them. But once again, if you can get passed this aspect and reach customers, this route affords you the highest profit.

Print resellers bring business to the printer. Some printers offer this service, and set their prices at discounted rates as to make a profit themselves and for the reseller. Usually this done by an online domain, but the reseller can be advantageous and go out on their own. Many companies act as resellers. Take Staples for example. While they offer actual printing, they have many products that another company produces. Thus both make a profit.

While have a physical store run entirely on the reseller philosophy could prove too daunting, you can talk to small businesses (or if you’re good at selling, larger companies) and get them to use your service. You would talk to them, tell them the benefits of picking you over another company, show them samples, and they will make the order.

Print resellers act as a middleman, and thereby make money like a retailer. By going out and getting people to print from the company you are sponsoring, you make money for you and the company backing you, fostering a good connection between the two.


The bad part about being a reseller though is having to rely on another printer service you may have little contact with; so if they mess up you look bad. They also rarely offer custom samples, so you will have to put out money to pull in customers. Also, unlike the printer, you have to abide by their discounted rate. Some offer a percentage discount (somewhere between 15%-30%), some have random lowered prices on products. Where business cards may be 25% less for you, their post cards may have no discount, and their flyers around 10%. Others though just allow you to use their service and offer no discount. All they are willing to do is blind ship the documents, as where you will have to work around higher prices than most other competitors.

The profit you can make here is usually moderate. But you have to work with your printers guidelines for price, and reel customers in. The job is more selling than printing.

Affiliates is solely online. Here, you would place a banner or text link on your blog or website, people click said banner or text link, and use that sites printing service. This is perhaps the easiest method, but is also the hardest to make money. While there is less work on your part, you just need to build traffic and make people aware of the printer and to use them, the percentage of profit you get is small. Most printers offer around 15%-20% of the customer’s order to their affiliates, and sometimes bolster that rate with special promotions, look at here now.

Since you are not actually dealing with any customers though, you cannot talk them into upselling or cross selling, thereby lowering the potential you could make. Again though, this is the easiest route, as you are acting merely as a directing force. You show them the printer, and they use the service, nothing else.

Each three have their distinct advantage and disadvantage. What it comes down to is passion, strengths, and the money and time you are willing to put into these projects. As the difficulty increases, so does the potential for profit, but take everything into mind first before jumping into something too difficult or costly.

Casein Protein

Casein Protein

Learning about proteins and the different aspects of each one can be quite confusing. There are several key contributors that make up the protein community but this article will focus on only two. They are the two that people are most familiar with and are most often compared. Casein protein and whey protein are among the top two products used to make up protein requirements. The sinker is that most people don’t know which is better, if any or why.

The two major proteins that are the result of milk products are casein protein and whey protein. This is likely the reason that they are most often compared to one another. Whey is the product of the cheese making process after the casein protein has curdled. The quality of casein protein can be high or low. Forms of casein protein that are low in quality are forms such as caseinate; often named calcium caseinate. This low end product comes from the casein before it has curdled.

Learning about proteins

Casein protein products are the most affordable of the protein products. It is also a product that is the least refined of the proteins resulting from milk. A very well refined protein supplement is whey isolate and will have amino acids added to the product. Casein protein moves more slowly throughout the digestive tract than whey proteins move. This typically allows for better absorption of the amino acids and makes a wise choice for meal replacement especially for this reason. Allowing for slower absorption of amino acids equals to feeling full longer. A protein that rips through the digestive tract can leave the consumer having hunger sensations long before the person taking casein protein. What goes through the body faster has less of a long lasting effect, more helpful hints.

To put it simply, the prime idea would be to eat the foods that will provide those proteins. But lets face it; who has time to prepare and eat six meals a day? Very few people have the option to spend most of the day preparing well-balanced meals that are high in protein. Casein protein is the closest simulation to food ingestion. Food is solid and heavy therefore leaving the feeling of fullness for much longer than a supplemental shake. Casein protein is possibly the ‘heaviest’ of the proteins out there.

Manufacturing of cheese leaves whey to collect for the purpose of making such proteins as casein protein as well as whey products. Whey protein concentrate is a notch above casein protein. Harsh acids are often used to separate whey protein from casein protein, which generates a much lower quality of casein protein. There are companies today that are dedicated to creating high quality casein protein specifically for supplemental manufacturers. They use whole milk to separate high quality casein protein for the sole purpose of creating a higher quality product. Remember when choosing any supplemental product that it is a reputable company that uses only high-grade ingredients. High quality casein protein can really pack a punch!

How to Get Rid of Ugly Toenail Fungus from Home

How to Get Rid of Ugly Toenail Fungus from Home

Going about with infected toenails can be quite embarrassing especially whenever you have to take off your shoes in public. Nail fungus infection sometimes called Onychomycosis mostly affects the toenail and is found in about 8-10% of the adult population. It is normally painless except in severe cases.

One of the symptoms of toenail fungus is the discoloration of the nail as the infection advances, the nail can become rough and crumble with the plate becoming thickened, yellow, or cloudy in appearance. In severe cases the top layer can be separated from the nail bed, this is when it becomes painful if pressure is mounted on the infected nail.

There are several home made remedies from the simple to the crazy, complex things desperate folks do to get rid of this ugly and embarrassing infection. First, it is important to understand that toenail fungi need a warm, moist and dark environment to flourish and grow, find more info. So your first step is to ensure that the infected area is always kept clean and dry. You should also know that these fungi can’t survive in high alkaline environments.

Ugly Toenail Fungus

Before I begin to talk about some of home made remedies, you have to know that there is no real cure for toenail fungus infection. What many call cure is actually the ability to eradicate the fungi and inveriably enable a near nail to grow and replace the old one. Know that what works for Mr. A may not exactly work for Mr. B, it’s different strokes for different folks,however there are certain pharmaceutical products that work for many people. Now one of the common home made remedies is the use of “Apple Cider vinegar”,an acidic liquid processed from the fermentation of ethanol, it has harmful properties that’s toxic to toenail fungi. Because of the high concentration of acid content, it is better to dilute with a measure of water say 50/50% in a large bath bowl. The infected tail is soaked in the mixture for about 5-10min. The nail is then dried with a towel or better still a blow drier. For better results, it should be applied twice daily; morning and before going to bed at night. You have to continue the process for weeks or months until there’s a significant improvement.

Some people like to use tea tree oil, a clear to very pale golden color oil with a fresh camphor odor that is native to Australia. This oil contains important medical properties that include antiseptic and anti fungal actions effective for treating toenail fungus infection. The problem with most of the homemade treatments is that they are time consuming and must be repeated on a consistent basis otherwise they will not achieve the desired results.

There many strong anti-fungal prescription drugs in the market that can treat toenail fungus infection and eliminate dead cells. One of the most effective natural solutions is call Zeta Clear. Zeta clear is an all natural homeopathic solution specifically developed to treat the underlying cause of unsightly toenail fungus infection.

My Top 5 Coffee Places in New Delhi, India

My Top 5 Coffee Places in New Delhi, India

Cafes of all kinds have mushroomed in Delhi- franchise chains, posh stand alone outlets and luxury zones in star hotels. Below is my list of the top 5 places to stop by for coffee in Delhi (alphabetically).

1. American Diner; India Habitat Center: A tiny L-shaped place filled with a mish mash of sofa booths, tables and bar stools; the Diner is always full. They have a menu filled with breakfast and other food options but I recommend you pick a coffee or a cocktail. Coffee at the diner is full of flavor. You taste it best unsweetened. Cost for two coffees: Approx. U$ 10

2. Big Chill; GK, Khan Market and Saket Select City: Buried in its extensive pizza and pasta menu options are some interesting coffee and chocolate drinks. I recommend you try the chocolate. The hot chocolate, served in a large white mug is divine and if you are in the mood for something cold, try the Columbian Mocha Shake. Cost for two chocolate drinks: Approx. U$ 10

3. Café Coffee Day; chain: The purple signboard with red lettering marks the outlets scattered all over Delhi. Pick from the long list of ‘chinos (cappu, mocha..) or go in for an espresso if you like it strong. They have nice sandwiches with crispy fries if you are in the mood for a snack. My favorite outlet with outdoor seating and lots of greenery is located opposite Taj Palace Hotel, Sardar Patel Marg. Cost for two coffees: Approx. U$ 5

4. Patisserie and Delicatessen; The Oberoi: Are you in the mood for an upper crust coffee experience? Head to the Patisserie. It is essentially the hotel’s cake and chocolate shop, albeit huge, know more. Browse through a mouth watering selection of pastries, cakes, salads and cuts before you finally settle down with your cup. There are only 4-5 tables. Cost for two coffees: Approx. U$ 20 5.

Vending machines; railway stations, roadside kiosks: A box-like aluminum contraption with pipes, it will shake and puff steam before your coffee is poured into a tiny plastic cup and sprinkled with cocoa powder. A rare sight these days, it was how coffee was in India a decade ago. Find one in a government run shop or a road side stall and taste the average north Indian coffee hot enough to burn your tongue. Cost for two coffees: 50 cents

How to Decorate Eyeglasses

How to Decorate Eyeglasses

Designer glasses come in every color imaginable. The frames are embellished with patterns, shapes and even sparkling jewels. The problem is that the price, oftentimes, raises significantly for the extra style. You can decorate eyeglasses yourself that express your sense of fashion, at home for less.

Materials Needed:

Plastic Paint or Metal Paint
Painter’s Tape
Small Paint Brush
Stick-On Jewels
Super Glue
Eyeglasses Charms

Buy a jar of craft paint that is meant for either plastic or metal, depending on the material of your eyeglasses frames. (You can also use spray paint but it can get messier and is harder to control the application of it. It should only be attempted if have experience with spraying very small areas.)

Tape off the glass lenses very carefully with painters tape. Try to get the edge of the tape underneath the frames on front if possible to reduce the risk of splatters on the lenses. Also tape off any part that you are not planning on painting, such as the exposed metal of the bows if you already like the color that it is.

Use a small paint brush to paint them up like your favorite designer frames. Take time to coat them evenly with long strokes to avoid streaks or drips, especially on the front of the glasses. Allow the base color coat to dry thoroughly before applying any additional hues.

Create your own personal designs by practicing on paper first, before you decorate the frames of eyeglasses. For example, you can do a two tone look with shading colors or add curlicues and other shapes in black. Paint flowers or other objects on the sides of larger bows.

Use small stick-on jewels to add sparkle along the front of the frames or a little bit bigger ones to place on the sides of the bows to make them look even more like designer glasses. (For extra security, after deciding the exact place they are going to be, attach them with super glue but be very careful to only use a tiny drop and not drip on the lenses.)

Finish decorating eyeglasses with small charms hanging from the bows or even a fancy chain. If you happen to have a spare pair or two, you can make them all look like different designer eyeglasses to match favorite outfits or to have an everyday pair and a going out pair.

Top 5 Family Attractions in Utah: A Guide to Family Entertainment in the Salt Lake City Area

Knowing where the entertainment lies can be a daunting task. This guide will highlight the top 5 locations that are sure to be a hit with your family.

It can be a difficult thing to know where to take ones family for entertainment, especially when the area is on unfamiliar ground, read more from here. Here are the top five locations that will enhance your stay and provide the most family entertainment in Salt Lake City for a reasonable price.

Top Five Utah Family Attractions

  • Utah’s Hogle Zoo has been recognized as one of the top zoos in the world and is one of Utah’s most popular tourist attractions. The zoo has been open since 1931, and is spread out over 42 acres. They have hundreds of animals to view, have carousel rides, train rides, shopping and more. They are located just 10 minutes away from Downtown Salt Lake City. Admission is free for children under 2, $5 for children (3-12) and seniors, and $7 for adults. If you are looking for a fun day in the sun, then the Hogle Zoo is just right for you.
  • Discovery Gateway is the leading Children’s Museum in Utah. Located at the Gateway Mall and in the heart of Downtown Salt Lake City, it is very convenient and easy to access. The museum is spread out over 4 floors and 60,000 square feet. There are exhibits, workshops and plenty of things to do for children and adults alike. Admission is $8.50 per person. Discovery Gateway is the perfect break from shopping, and a great way to entertain the children.
  • The Living Planet Aquarium is one of Utah’s newest tourist attractions. Open since 2004, they have expanded to include over 600 different animals with 150 different species. Located in Sandy, Utah, they are just 15 minutes away from Downtown Salt Lake City. Admission is free for children (2 and under), $6 for children (3-17), $7 for seniors, students and military personnel, and $8 for adults. If you love the world under the sea, then The Living Planet Aquarium is a must see.
  • North American Museum of Ancient Life holds over 50 standing dinosaurs and over 100 flying reptiles. This is a very hands-on museum, where children can climb on, play with, and create their own fossils. There is a Mammoth Screen Theatre where 3-D shows can be viewed for maximum fun and learning. Admission is free for children (2 and under), $8 for children (3-12) and seniors, and $10 for adults (13 and over). Located in Thanksgiving Point, Utah, it is just 20 minutes away from Downtown Salt Lake City. If you are a fan of dinosaurs, then this is a must!
Utah Family Attractions
  • Boondocks Fun Center is one of Utah’s newest family attractions. They offer things for everyone. They have batting cages, laser tag, miniature golf, rides and more. Admission can be purchased on individual activities or as an “unlimited package”. Pricing for unlimited all day passes are $16.95 for Junior Unlimited Fun (59 inches and under), and $24.95 for General Unlimited Fun (60 inches and above). Located in Draper, Utah it is 15 minutes away from Downtown Salt Lake City. If you are looking for something fun to do with a variety of activities at very reasonable prices, then Boondocks Fun Center is sure to be a hit.

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