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How to Meditate: 5 Simple Steps to an Effective Meditation

How to Meditate

Meditation seems a lot harder than it is. It doesn’t have to be difficult and there really is no right way or wrong way to do it. There are several different types of meditation–mental, emotional and physical. This article focuses on a form of structured mental meditation that relaxes the body and mind.

Here are a few successful ingredients for a satisfying meditation:

Here are a few successful ingredients for a satisfying meditation
  1. Find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted. True, you can meditate for 5 seconds sitting at a red light in the car and get something out of it. But, especially if you’re just starting out, it’s best to have some space and time to yourself where you have a better chance of fully relaxing your mind, find more.
  2. Get comfortable. Don’t lie down in bed – you’ll probably fall asleep (although meditation can be done at bedtime right before falling asleep. It can be a good way of relaxing your body and mind). Find a chair or meditation cushion where your body can be erect, but relaxed.
  3. Choose something to listen to. That might be silence, the crickets chirping outside, a thunderstorm or peaceful and uplifting music. Having something to listen to helps to focus your attention and keep active thoughts from invading your consciousness.
  4. Focus your thought on your breath. Meditation can be as simple as that. Feel your body inhale, then exhale. Make them deep, long breaths that fill the bottom of your lungs and expand your abdomen.
  5. Every time your mind wanders, bring it back to your breath. Again. And again. And again. Let thoughts come to you, don’t chase after them. When worries come, let them go and focus on your breath. When doubts arise, or thoughts of stresses in your life invade your concentration, just go back to your breath. Think: inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

You can meditate for as long as you can maintain your focus — or for only a few minutes. Generally, with practice, it becomes easier to get into and stay in a meditative mode and time can pass without you realizing it.

Just focusing on your breath may not seem very complex or something you’d consider satisfying. However, simply sitting in silence with yourself and allowing your mind and body to relax and to switch off from the worries in your life will help your mind focus better during the times when it is active and “on.”

There are deeper levels you can go to in meditation, such as learning to feel connected with the universal energy that makes up all life. But focusing on the breath is a great start.

How to Build Skills for a Customer Service Environment

How to Build Skills for a Customer Service Environment

Fine-tuning customer service skills enhances service delivery, resulting in improved customer relations, increased productivity and client retention.

The key to quality customer service delivery is empathy; having the ability to place yourself in the position of the customer. Be aware this does not mean becoming emotionally connected. It is important to maintain professionalism while feeling their pain. This is trickier than it sounds. Follow these guidelines to achieve that balance.

Service Delivery Through Email

Service Delivery Through Email

Write emails with the proper tone in mind. Written communication should be professional but not scripted. Although a template may be appropriate in some cases, in adherence to corporate policy, the greeting and closing can still be personalized. For example, an email can be opened with “I hope this email finds you well” and closed with “I wish you the best of luck on your new assignment”, even if the body is standardized.

Capital letters should never be used; it is equivalent to yelling. Be careful of the word “you”, which can imply finger-pointing if inserted within a negative statement. For example, rather than “I suggest you correct this”, it is better to write “I suggest it be corrected”. Beginning a sentence with “you” is egregious, as it carries an accusatory tone.

Customer Service Phone Contact

Customers want to feel confident that the representative on the other end of the line appreciates their business and is acting as their advocate in problem resolution. The rep does not need to have all the answers on the spot, more information.

Most important is that a rapport is established from the beginning; a level of comfort that forms a foundation from where communications can ensue towards identifying and addressing issues. Generally, if a customer knows the rep is working towards that end, the chances are reduced that they will escalate up the organizational hierarchy.

Organizing Customer Details

Organizing Customer Details

In a customer service environment, being organized is paramount. Keep copious notes on each customer. The organizational method, electronic or manual, is not as important as accessibility. When that email arrives or the phone rings, the rep should be able to retrieve their profile immediately.

The customer should be treated as though they are the most important individual at that moment in time. For example, if during the first contact, they mention their dog, Fluffy, make a note of the dog’s name in your file. The next time they make contact, at the end of the conversation, remember to ask “How’s Fluffy?” Find the palpable nexus with your customer to demonstrate they are not just a number.

When addressing customers, professional representatives should be acutely aware of how they are being perceived. Providers of customer service are also consumers. If you were on the receiving end, what would be your reaction? Words, whether written or verbal, are powerful. Be mindful of the old adage that perception is everything, to be sure that your words are well received.

Home Inspection – an Important Step Before Purchasing

Home Inspection

It is very easy to get caught up in the moment when on the market to purchase a new home. Once you find a home that fits your needs, and is pleasing to both your eye and your budget, there is one ting you should do before you sign on the dotted line; have it inspected by a qualified home inspector. Nothing could be worse than to take on a mortgage payment, move in, and then find you have a cracked foundation or a leaky roof, costing you additional out of pocket money that you may not have after coming up with closing costs, movers fees, etc. A qualified home inspector will find these problems for you, so that you can then make an educated purchase, if you still in fact want the home.

Home Inspection Guides

Some states have laws governing real estate sales that require the seller to disclose information of any known problems with the property before the sale is complete, but you would still be better benefited with a home inspector, just to be on the safe side. An inspector has nothing to gain or lose by looking at the property, and is more likely to be honest and up front about any issues he finds. Most home inspectors will look at things that you may miss, especially if you are new to this, such as potential problems with the roof, drainage, electrical systems, plumbing, foundation, etc. They can tell you if the issue is minor and can wait for repair, and estimate the amount of money it will take to fix or replace. You may be able to negotiate with the seller to have any repairs completed before you buy the home, or if you have to take care of them yourself, you can make an educated decision about how they will fit into your budget. You don’t want to purchase a house that already needs repairs that you cannot afford to have taken care of.

You may also want to consider having an environmental inspector come out as well, to make sure that the home is free of lead, mold, etc. These can cause major health issues if they are in high levels, or to someone that already has health issues, such as asthma. Lead is potentially harmful to young children and pets.

Before hiring an inspector, you should shop around for the best rate, and for the one with the best references. You will likely pay about five hundred dollars for this, so you want to make sure you are dealing with someone that is reputable and well experienced, especially if your decision will be greatly impacted by his findings. It is possible to do your own home inspection, but you will need to do some research beforehand so that you know how to spot potential problems. You can probably find help at your local library, bookstore, or on the internet. Many inspectors have state and federal licenses, and usually have to be trained to higher standards than just your regular Joe.

Remember, that you are making a big purchase, and that it is important to look at every aspect before making the final decision. Most families pay on their homes for fifteen to thirty years, struggling along the way to make ends meet. Do you want to spend this much of your life working to pay for a home that was falling down the day you purchased it?

Five Steps to Self-Improvement and Personal Motivation

Five Steps to Self-Improvement and Personal Motivation

I’ve often heard the old saying that there are two kinds of lives: the life we want and the life we have. This adage is trotted out, it seems to me, when people feel disappointed about some aspect of their existence. While some things that happen to us are not our fault, some of the reasons we find ourselves in the circumstances we are in is due to wrong thinking, as well as bad past and present decisions we have made.

Some people simply accept the idea that their life is always going to be the way it is and refuse to believe that anything will change or that anything can ever get better. They have resigned themselves to the worst fate possible and feel helpless to attempt to transform matters.

However, it is not only possible, but probable that you can start to have the kind of life you desire, if you set the following things in motion:.



Most of us have never really sit down and given careful thought to what our strengths and weaknesses are. In some cases, we only focus on the negative characteristics that we have, while, still others of us may not want to admit our faults.

That’s why doing a written self-assessment can help you get a more realistic viewpoint of exactly who you are, what you think and how you handle certain situations. Make two columns- one listing what you believe to be your strengths, gifts and accomplishments and the second column listing what you feel are your weaknesses, shortcomings and failures. Don’t just write anything down, but contemplate carefully.

After you have made the lists, then go to the second column and try to come up with solutions on how you can improve those areas in your life. It will involve considering active things you can do to alter these areas and even mapping out a plan on how you might go about achieving these goals. Once you start to look at your “weaknesses” in this manner, then they lose their negativity and you move them over to the “Strengths” column. Now, your “Weakness” list has lost its bite.

Changing your self-perception is an ideal place to start.


The kind of company we keep really can have an effect on our attitude. If you hang around people who are optimistic, encouraging and who have a successful mind-set, you will find yourself wanting to pattern yourself after them. On the other hand, if you are mostly fraternizing with those who are pessimistic, consistently dwell on their troubles and have a “failure” mentality, you may find yourself acting, thinking and speaking exactly like them.

As difficult as it may be, especially if you have known some individuals for a long time, you need to distance yourself from such “toxic” people. Don’t waste time on the telephone listening to their depressing talk. Gradually back off from too much social interaction with them, opting, instead, to begin mingling with new, positive friends. If the “toxic” folks in question are family members, it may not be as easy to escape coming into contact with them, but you can either try changing the subject when they start to express their gloomy outlook about some matter and, if possible, just get up and leave the room if you don’t like or agree with their conversation, find more info.

Stay connected with those who are happy, upbeat and success-minded, people who will lift you up.


A lot of folks get stuck in a rut because they are resistant to change. They complain about how awful their lives are, yet they still keep doing all the things that keep their lives miserable.

You may have to do something out-of-the-ordinary, go beyond your comfort zone in order to get the ball rolling. Maybe it will require you to take some college classes or change jobs or move to another area, etc. It may require extra time and effort on your part, which will not be easy, but, in the end, will help you get to a better place.

You can expect that not everybody is going to support you. The reason many people fail to move in another direction is due to fear of disapproval from others. You can’t allow your life to be controlled by the opinions of others. Certainly, if you are married and have a family, you may have to make changes gradually rather than immediately, but make sure that you are doing something to propel your life towards a more positive course.



Too often, we fold because of the obstacles life can bring. Whether it’s challenges related to health, finances or personal issues, we can find ourselves having an attitude that we can never progress beyond our current circumstances. Thinking that way is defeating and limiting.

You must learn to look at every difficulty as something you can rise above. Will it be simple to do? Certainly not!. It may take some time to look at each individual situation you are dealing with in order to seek out potential solutions. It may take a trail-and-error method to see what works and what doesn’t, but the important thing is that you refuse to give up until you find the answer that is best for you..


We sometimes look at our lives the way they are now and believe that we can never go any further. None of us, however, has “arrived” yet, in terms of life experience. There was a saying the older folks used to say in church when I was growing up: “God isn’t finished with you yet!” In other words, there is more for us to do and discover in our present existence that what we already know about.

There are new experiences waiting for you to find them. I think I have seen more new things happen in my life since I turned 40-years-old and the years that have followed, although I used to think that when I hit that age, things would be more humdrum, unexciting and stagnant. Yet, it has been the opposite. I am blessed to be having more fun and adventure now than I did when I was younger.

Begin to expect more possibilities in life, no matter how old you are. If you’ve made mistakes, which we all do, just consider them learning tools towards wisdom and put them behind you.. Every day is another leg of a journey and, with the proper attitude, you can travel that journey with hope, joy and victory.

Internet Download Manager: Has the Best Arrived?

Internet Download Manager

First, DO NOT go by the silliness or simpleness in its name. There’s a lot more behind it than it seems. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”, as they say.

Internet Download Manager, a product of Tonec Incorporated, is a first-class product as compared to many other Download managers[hereby known as DM]. The first reason is that it provides seamless browser integration, be it Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox or any other browser.


Suppose, you are downloading a “compressed” file[e.g a .rar file], you have to select the path for the file to be saved[or if you have auto-set any path for the file], the file starts to download. You check the speed, size remaining, size covered, etc. But what you do not know is that it is downloaded in a single part. But, Internet Download Manager[hereby known as IDM] begs to differ. It connects to the server and starts downloading the file in parts. This saves you a lot of time and also the speed is greatly increased. You do not have to go through the hassle of selecting the destination of the file. IDM remembers the path for a particular file type and saves the downloaded file in that path.

IDM Best Arrived

As compared to JDownloader, IDM is much more user-friendly. You just cannot understand how to download a file. The function “Linkgrabber” in JDowloader cannot be used at all. It gets the link of the file you download, but once you click “Start download”, it goes to the “Download” tab. The file you were about to download shows the status “Checking status”. After a while,it shows that the file is “100.00% Offline”. This is extremely frustrating, as the file is verified by the server as present.

In another comparison to “FlashGet”, IDM clearly won the battle. FlashGet works fine in the beginning, but later its performance begins to slacken and it spends hours doing nothing. Even if you press Stop and Start again, the file does not get downloaded. It gets really frustrating and tiresome.

So IDM is the clear winner, unless you want to try out the other two DMs mentioned in this article and waste your valuable time.

Father’s Day Race Car Activities in the Portland, Oregon Metro Area

Race Car Activities

Kid-Friendly Racing with Dad!

If you are looking for a fun outdoor activity for Father’s Day in the Portland, Oregon area, then look no further than race cars! There are two great venues in the Portland suburbs that offer kid-friendly race car attractions. I’ve taken my family to both locations, and I’ve had positive experiences with each facility. In this article, I provide a side-by-side comparison of the two locations so you can choose the best Father’s Day experience for your family.

Malibu Raceway, A Thrilling Race Car Experience

Malibu Raceway, A Thrilling Race Car Experience

Malibu is located along Highway 217 in Beaverton. Malibu Raceway offers 3 different race car types on a ½ mile course.

Quick Stats:

Location: 9405 SW Cascade Avenue , Beaverton (near Washington Square Mall )

Cost: varies depending upon number of laps purchased from $2.39 to $3.45 per lap

Attractions: race track , batting cages , indoor game room, food available

Website: yes

Malibu Raceway offers a more thrilling race car experience than Bullwinkle’s, but has fewer overall attractions. If your children are older and dad enjoys the fast pace, then this location will be the perfect Father’s Day experience.

Children greater than 4′ 6″ tall can drive the one-seater, Sprint race car. Children at least 14 years old can take a car control clinic and drive the sportier Grand Virage, two-seater car. Children 3′ 6″ tall can ride as a passenger with dad in the Grand Virage. Children less than 3′ 6″ tall cannot ride as a passenger in any of the cars at Malibu.

For the best deal, choose the 10 lap package on any car. This package brings the cost down to $2.39 per lap. In addition, Malibu frequently offers printable coupons on its website for free laps.

After racing, head indoors for pizza and soft drinks.

Bullwinkle’s Family Fun Center, An Exhilarating Go-Kart Experience

Bullwinkle's Family Fun Center, An Exhilarating Go-Kart Experience

Bullwinkle’s is located just south of Portland along I-5 in Wilsonville, Bullwinkle’s offers 1 go-kart type on a fun course.

Quick Stats:

Location: 29111 SW Town Center Loop West in Wilsonville

Cost: go-karts are $7 per driver/$3 per passenger or buy a value package in various amounts

Attractions: go-karts, miniature golf , bumper boats , batting cages, rock wall, sky trail, indoor game room, food available

Website: yes

Bullwinkle’s offers a gentler go-kart racing experience than Malibu Raceway. However, this location offers more attractions and may be the perfect choice for younger families or for dads that want to experience multiple outdoor attractions on Father’s Day. If you choose to ride the bumper boats, you will get wet so be sure to pack extra clothes, if needed.

The go-karts at Bullwinkle’s are a great option for younger children. Passengers do need to be 3 years or older to ride, and drivers must be 18 years or older. Dad can take a spin in the go-kart with each child for a special Father’s Day treat. Afterwards, the entire family can play a round of miniature golf or choose from a variety of meal options at the restaurant. For the best deal, choose an extreme all-day pass. The pass costs $33 for those 58″ or taller and $28 for those under 57″. This pass will give dad the opportunity to race the go-karts with each child as well as participating in many other attractions for one price.

Tips on Web Traffic Campaigns: Purchasing Visitors has Risks but can be Worth it

Tips on Web Traffic Campaigns

Whether one runs an e-commerce business, a personal blog, a debate/discussion site with multiple message boards/forums, or one of many types of Web sites in between, site owners can potentially find great benefit in purchasing traffic campaigns.

  • Traffic campaigns in a nutshell

The term “traffic campaign” usually refers to an exchange of money from a Web site owner to an Internet media company with an agreement that said company will deliver a set number of visitors to the Web site through devices such as pop-up and pop-under ads. For example, Bravenet Media Network, a division of the popular, which offers an array of free tools to Web site owners, sells traffic campaigns ranging from $19.95 for 2,500 visitors on up to $499.95 for 125,000 visitors, with a number of points in between. Setting up a free account with a username and password is required but this, along with placing an order, takes but a few moments. When ordering, the buyer is asked to select a category that s/he feels best represents his/her Web site (online games, business/finance, home/garden, etc.) and traffic is then delivered to his/her site from around the world based on the category chosen.

Web Traffic Campaigns
  • Risks

It is important to keep in mind that though traffic campaigns can prove beneficial, they can also be a waste of money for certain Web site owners. For instance, a small-town law office with one attorney will not benefit from spending money on attracting visitors to his/her Web site from all over the map. On the other hand, a large law firm with offices in multiple states/countries can. A site that sells downloads such as eBooks or music files may see an increase in sales from a traffic campaign, and a site featuring multiple message boards/forums for debates and discussions may snag a good amount of registered users as the result of a traffic campaign. A blog, even one that only features one writer, can benefit if the goal is merely to share ideas and thoughts with the larger world. A small “mom and pop” store will not find benefit. A site set up as an Internet-based directory that features links to, and information on, other Web sites, can certainly benefit from a traffic campaign, as can a national or multi-national corporation. So, as is demonstrated, whether or not a Web site can benefit from the purchase of a traffic campaign simply depends on the purpose, function, and intended reach of the site.

Those who do decide that their Web sites are worth the risk should remember that there is still no guarantee that the purchase of a traffic campaign will increase consistent traffic to their sites. A traffic campaign will noticeably increase traffic for a short time, but those visitors may never return. Again, success, or lack thereof, will depend solely on the site’s purpose/function/intended reach.

Nootropic Drink for Students

Nootropic Drink for Students

Who should use brain tonic?

Brain tonic is designed and formulated to be used by any one in the world to boost their mental activities. Its well picked ingredients ensure its efficacy without the usual side effects of other energy drinks. To know more about the nootropic drink, read here:

Nootropic beverage for students

Nootropic beverage for students

Students need to concentrate in their study, they exert huge effort to understand and comprehend what they are learning. This needs a lot of energy to help the brain perform such activity. Brain toniq contains different ingredients that boost the mental power by increasing the rate of transmission of nerve impulses. For example, choline is the main ingredient of acetyl choline, the brain neurotransmitter, increasing the amount of acetyl choline lets your mind work in full power for better performance. Unlike caffeine, choline gives your brain the needed fuel for better performance instead of just applying more pressure on it to perform.

Perfect for knowledge workers

During the present time, several careers require higher mental capabilities. Designers, computer programmers and system analysist are on top of the list. These jobs need full attention for details, adequate level of concentration and sharp minds ready to think. Brain toniq contains the right formula that is capable of supplying your mind with all what it needs to perform in such a great way.

Diabetic friendly

If you are suffering from diabetes or even if you are just concerned about your daily consumption of sugar, brain toniq is your drink of choice. With the usage of the all natural and plant origin agave nectar you are supplying your body with the best sugar in the market. Agave nectar is the only diabetic friendly certified sugar, it has the lowest glycemic index among all the types of sugar in the market. Agave nectar is not only the soyrce of sweetnes in brain toniq but it also affects the taste in a great way. The citrus nectar and the agave nectar mix ends up in a unique taste accepted by every one. Most of those who tasted brain toniq for the first time could not describe the taste, it contains a slight influence of the passion fruit taste with a twist of lime topped with the distinct taste of agave nectar.

Kosher certified beverage

Kosher certified beverage

If you are concerned about whether brain toniq is kosher or not then rest assured, brain toniq is an all natural drink containing only ingredients of plant origin. It is certified as kosher by earth kosher organization.

Brain toniq is the only drink that is suitable for every one, it does not matter what your career is, what your age is or what is your health status. You can use brain toniq without any concerns. It is a revolutionary formula that would dominate the market of energy drinks in a short time. This well researched formula contains all what it takes to be the winner among all energy drinks. After all you will not be able to feel the difference without trying brain toniq by yourself. Go ahead and try a can.

Forklift Truck Attachments- Considering Their Suitability and Usages

Forklift Truck Attachments

The constant expansion in the construction sector and the material handling industry has led to a growing popularity of the forklift trucks. The machines are highly productive, as they assist in carrying and transporting huge volumes of loads from one place to another. It is not just with respect to the construction sector but also various other industries where the forklift trucks find their usage. Accordingly, efforts are made to increase the efficiency of the forklift trucks as a means of adding to their usefulness. This is where the forklift truck attachments have come across as being very useful pieces of equipments. The attachments are made available in wide varieties for the forklift truck users to choose the one that turns out to be suitable for the particular purpose for which the forklifts are used.

Forklift Truck

For those who are not quite acquainted with the availability and use of the forklift accessories must consider few aspects before they decide to invest on the items. The addition of any kind of attachment to the forklift trucks enhances their weight and eventually reduces their capacity to lift loads to a considerable extent. However, the weight must not increase to such an extent that the accessories appear to take away the productivity of the trucks contrary to their real purpose of improving it. The point here is that it is the size and dimension of the forklifts that should determine the nature of add- on, incorporated to it, click site.

Coming to the issue of making a proper use of the forklift truck attachments, one should possess the required knowledge about the kinds of accessories and the functions they perform. Since, a particular forklift truck is not expected to carry out different types of work, the accessories should be chosen depending upon the specific industry where the same is used. For instance, if the forklifts are necessitated to lift material as delicate as cotton, the poly load protectors come across as being indispensable attachment. While the bare forks have high chances of damaging cotton, the poly load protectors, which are basically the plastic coverings make sure that the material is carried and transported in the safest possible way.

Forklift trucks are often used for carrying rolled materials like carpet. The procedure of taking them over long distances is quite difficult with the carpets undergoing chances of wear and tear. Carpet poles, which happen to be yet another significant variety of the forklift accessories, help in keeping the rolls of carpet intact and in absolutely undamaged condition.

The Sierra Club: This Environmental Organization Earns its Great Reputation

This Environmental Organization Earns its Great Reputation

The Sierra Club is is largest and best established grassroots environmental organization in North America. Founded by John Muir in 1892, it is also the oldest North American nonprofit organization of its kind. Today, over a hundred years since its inception, the Sierra Club lobbies for environmental protection, conservation, and other pro-Earth issues across the world. It has chapters in the United States and Canada, and over 1.3 million members.

Sierra Club’s Mission Statement:

Sierra Club's Mission Statement
  • Practice and promote the responsible use of the earth’s ecosystems and resources.
  • Use all lawful means to carry these out.

Conservation Efforts:

The Sierra Club is involved in many environmental initiatives.

  • Forest Protection and Restoration
  • Wildlands Protection and Restoration
  • Clean Water
  • Clean Air
  • Stopping Sprawl
  • Stopping Global Warming
  • Responsible Trade
  • Human Rights and the Environment
  • Smart Energy Solutions
  • Safe and Healthy Communities
  • America’s Wild Legacy

This last initiative, America’s Wild Legacy, aims to protect public lands and wildlife from overgrazing, mining, abusive recreation (such as snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park), and commercial logging. America’s National Parks are intended to last for perpetuity. The past years have seen a weakening of the policies dating back to Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency, with more and more commercial logging and off-road vehicles permitted throughout larger swaths of protected land. The Sierra Club works ceaselessly to try to assure the laws of the land are not subverted by big business and energy interests.

Sierra Club Programs:

The organization has grown from a grassroots nonprofit organization to an organized force with outreach programs, environmental education, and more.

  • Building Bridges to the Outdoors
  • Building Environmental Community
  • Environmental Education
  • Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Law
  • Inner City Outings
  • John Muir Exhibit
  • Membership Affiliate Program
  • Sierra Club Mutual Funds
  • Sierra Singles
  • Sierra Student Coalition

The Sierra Club Mutual Funds program invests in green stocks. The Sierra Club Stock Fund and the Sierra Club Equity Income Fund both assure its members that their money won’t be invested in companies that are, or are subsidiaries of, industries that are bad for the planet’s health. Only the most environmental and socially progressive companies, are beneficiaries of funds managed through the Sierra Club Stock and Equity Income funds. As of this writing’s year to date, the Sierra Club Stock Fund is performing better than the S&P500 Index. Similarly, the Sierra Club Equity Income Fund, year to date, is performing over the S&P500 Index, and Lehman Brothers Aggregate Bond Index. In other words: Investors who trust their money to the Sierra Club Mutual Funds, and Equity Income Fund, get to make a profit and feel good about it.

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