Art Deco Jewellery: Key Art Deco Designers of the Period

Art Deco Jewellery

The art deco period marks an important period in the development of both fine jewellery and costume jewellery. Whilst designs and materials used in jewellery construction may be seen as somewhat restricted in the previous Victorian and art nouveau periods, it was development art deco jewellery on the behalf of famous producers such as Cartier, Fouquet and Templier that allowed a leap into the use of an array of new materials and designs.

Collecting Art Deco Jewellery: Pave Diamonds and Semi-Precious Materials

Collecting Art Deco Jewellery Pave Diamonds and Semi-Precious Materials

One of the major developments in the move from Victorian and inspire jewellery to that of art deco jewellery is a shift in the emphasis of materials to be used. Where previous styles emphasised the importance of high caret value gemstones, usually in the form of diamonds. The art deco period saw a greater interest in a wider range of colours and textures of materials to be used in jewellery.

As such, art deco jewellery sees the use of a much wider variety of materials and semi-precious stones, including mother of pearl, topaz, aquamarine and jade amongst other materials. In addition, where diamonds were incorporated, the stones were often used as pave diamonds to enhance the value of other semi-precious stones as opposed to being the central feature.

Art Deco Jewellery: The Key Art Deco Designers, Cartier, Fouquet and Templier

If looking to buy or collect art deco jewellery then here are three of the key producers of the period:

• Cartier – One of the most famous of all of the art deco jewellery producers, Cartier has been established across four generations with the businesses history dating back to 1819. Throughout the period Cartier operated its workshops in Paris producing art deco jewellery typical of the French style.

• Fouquet – Another Paris based jeweller, Fouquet at the start of the period had a high degree of association with the art nouveau style however, from the outbreak of First World War onwards the producer moved to incorporate a more vibrant palate and the greater use of geometric designs into items of jewellery thus typifying the jewellery of the period.

• Templier – The designs of Raymond Templier may be seen as some of the most extreme examples of jewellery of the art deco period. Templier designs are based almost exclusively on the principals of strict mathematical, geometric shapes and incorporate popular art deco materials including mother of pearl and various lacquers.

In summary, the art deco period represents an exciting period for the jewellery collector. If looking to start an art deco jewellery collection then look out for key designers such as Cartier, Fouquet and Templier. Collecting jewellery from the Art Deco period makes for an interesting collection which will embrace a much wider range of materials than could be collected if focusing on earlier periods.