How To Make Degreaser For Kitchen

best degreaser for kitchen

A kitchen is your life partner, so, cleaning it with proper elements like greaser is essential.

If you are a natural clean buff, then you need to learn how to make degreaser for kitchen.
Expending money on cleanser is really tough for most of the families. Vinegar works excellent as a sanitizer.

While liquid soap removes stain and grease, besides, baking soda acts for a gentle abrasive and whitener for tough stains.

What if you mix all those elements to make the “best degreaser for kitchen“. Yes, we will do that to make it. Just follow the steps.

The benefits of Degreaser

The benefits of Degreaser

Think your kitchen is mess up with oils, grease, resin, paste and inks, suddenly, a guest just come in your home and visit your kitchen.

What happens then? Can you imagine the whole scenario? A horrible moment will just cross by you.

So, decreasing your kitchen always is your duty as a homemaker. Benefits of degreaser are beyond description.

Degreasers are used to kill the germs and bacteria prevalent in the kitchen. Besides, it makes the whole kitchen out of grease and oil.

Moreover, it is used for removing dirt off of kitchen floors. Thus it makes your kitchen floor suitable for the cooking environment.

Most importantly, it is also used to clean and restore some of your kitchen appliances with a degreaser.

Interestingly, it works to unclog water faucets riddled by calcium deposits. In addition to that, It reduces calcium, and you will find your faucet like a new one.

Things you need For 1 Bottle (30 ounces) Degreaser:

• A 30-ounce spray bottle
• One cup distilled white vinegar
• Liquid soap( Preferably natural)
• 1 tablespoon baking soda
• Essential oil
• Clean sponge
• Clean dishcloth


  1. Make the spray bottle ready:

Clean the bottle with warm water and make it ready for the final shot.

  1. Mix the elements to have a mixture:

Get vinegar, a little amount of liquid soap, and baking soda. Mix these elements with some warm water into the spray bottle and get a mixture.

  1. Mix the essential oil:

Though adding essential oil is not mandatory, you can control the smell of vinegar by mixing essential oil.

Besides, citrus oil can have a fresh smell that can fill your kitchen with clean air. But use the thing that suits to your nose.

  1. Shaking:

When everything is ready, shake the spray bottle perfectly and arduously.

  1. Get cleansing:

To degrease your kitchen floor, use the spray mixture on the kitchen floor. Then wipe it across with a clean sponge.

Get a clean dishcloth under warm water, wring out, and wipe over cleaned surfaces.


To get a fresh and healthy life, you need to stay fresh, eat fresh. But how do you manage all these things?

The solution is here that keeping your kitchen clean and fresh. Investing in a degreaser is worthy of getting your all jobs done.

If you don’t have enough penny to buy the cleanser, you can try this at your home and get instructions from our article “how to make degreaser for kitchen”.