Chewing Gum to Lose Weight

Chewing Gum to Lose Weight

Why is it so hard for some people to lose weight? It may be because changes which must be made to lose weight are perceived as difficult and many don’t know where to start. But you can lose weight by developing strategies for weight loss and by educating yourself about what foods are better for you and why. Chewing gum when you want to treat yourself is just one strategy. There are many others.

One strategy for weight loss is eating foods which contain resistant starch. These foods are better because they allow you to feel satisfied longer. When you get hungry your blood sugar spikes and your body begins to store fat. That’s why starving yourself to lose weight doesn’t work. Eating foods with resistant starch also boosts anti-hunger hormones that stop fat storage. For best results, eat 15 to 20 grams of resistant starch a day. This can easily be done because these foods are common. Some of them are; bananas which have 14 grams, beans contain 8 grams, brown rice has 3 grams, 1/2 cup of cooled potatoes or pasta has 4 grams, 2 slices of whole grain bread have 5 grams, and corn has 2 grams. Eating just one meal a day containing resistant starch is all that is needed to facilitate weight loss, according to the University of Colorado.

Lose Weight

To lose weight eat a healthy diet, so your body can benefit from naturally occurring vitamins and minerals good foods provide. This also allows you to feel satisfied longer. Scientists are just now discovering how important foods rich in vitamins and minerals are, for example, magnesium (found in milk and sunflower seeds) helps you avoid gallstones, aids in insulin usage, and keeps away stress and depression. According to, if at meal and snack time, you pair carbohydrates with proteins – this will cut sugar and starch absorption by 66% and stimulate the production of dopamine that makes you feel full faster, improves energy, and feelings of well being. A balanced diet contains 30% carbohydrates, 35% protein, and 28% fat (your body needs some fat too). Also, eat yogurt and limit fried food intake. Eating too much fried food can lead to NAFLD, Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, this can cause inflammation, scaring, and liver failure. Instead, eat healthy anti-inflammatory fats such as salmon, flax seeds (must be crushed), nuts, and olive oil. Fruits are also anti-inflammatory foods. Barley flakes added to cereal or other foods can cut blood sugar spikes by 44% because it evens out sugar-raising carbohydrates by taking hours to digest.

Getting a good night’s sleep reduces carb cravings, improves hormone control, and prevents blood sugar spikes. Another excellent strategy is drinking plenty of water. Eat less at mealtime by drinking a glass of water prior to eating. Control your portion size by using a smaller plate. Also, exercise is very important especially walking . There is some kind of exercise you can do no matter what your condition.

Eating foods which contain fiber is a good weight loss and a good health strategy. Fiber acts in your body by actually absorbing cholesterol from your blood stream during digestion. All fruits and vegetables have fiber, vitamins, and minerals. But some foods are better than others when you are trying to lose weight. Lose more weight with 1/2 cup of cherries a day, this melts belly fat, eat kumquats, this boost your metabolism, and stay slim and happy with oatmeal or a whole wheat muffin with fruit, this choice jump starts serotonin levels.

There are many good weight loss strategies. Pick a combination that is right for you!