What You Need To Know Before Hiring a Towing Company


A tow truck is a service that retrieves and transports a car or other vehicle with the use of heavy-duty equipment like a winch, towbar and flatbed. The fee for this service usually depends on the distance traveled as well as the time spent. This post is going to go over some of the basics that you should know before hiring a tow company.

Ask your finance company for recommendations

Your vehicle is usually covered as part of your comprehensive coverage, so call your insurer and ask specifically if they have a preferred towing service or one that they work with regularly. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the companies you are considering.

Find out what fees are associated with towing your vehicle

The fee for this service usually depends on the distance traveled as well as time spent. We at American Auto Body in San Jose charge approximately $200 plus mileage and we may need up to thirty minutes for your vehicle to be loaded onto our truck.

Ask whether or not any parts need to be replaced

The tow truck driver should let you know if they see anything that could cause problems down the road and may even recommend what steps you can take. If you do need repairs, then this information will help you negotiate with a mechanic who might otherwise try to unfairly overcharge you for the work.

Are you getting charged by weight or by volume?

Some drivers will charge based on weight while others may try to get away with charging by the hour instead of by the load. You can ask your insurer if they have any special requirements when it comes to towing needs.

What happens if your car is unrepeatable?

If the damage to your vehicle is too serious and it’s not safe to drive again, then this should be reported and you may or may not be charged any extra fees. This will depend largely on whether you have comprehensive coverage as part of your policy.

Leave your car behind to be stored

You may be told that it will stay on the property at the job site, but this could vary depending on who owns the land. There should also be a fee for this service and you might want to ask about different storage options as well as potential additional charges based on how long it’s been sitting there.

Ask what happens to your vehicle after it’s towed

It should be taken straight to a storage facility, but this may vary depending on whether or not the lot is close by. Some insurance companies will want pictures of the damage so that they know which body shop will be handling repairs, so be prepared to take some snapshots with your phone just in case the tow truck driver doesn’t have a camera.

Final Words

In conclusion, towing services charge depending on the distance and time spent.  The fee can be either hourly or by the kilometer. It is best to call a towing service provider before hiring them for your needs. You may check out Towing San Jose’s website for more information, reviews and updates.