How to Install a Truck Bed Liner

How to Install a Truck Bed Liner

As a truck owner, you have a long plan with your trucks. It is something more than your profession. But protecting your truck bed is your professional duty, isn’t it?

Installation of a good quality truck bed liner can be sufficient for the problems you face in protecting your truck bed.

If proper protection is applied, your truck will be protected from many problems like scratches, denting, etc.

In our guideline about how to install a truck bed liner, we will make everything clear for better understanding.

For better acquisition, nothing can replace the practical experience. However, sometimes, theoretical knowledge can ease the way of practical work.

Benefits of Truck Bed Liner:

Don’t you want to protect your favorite truck from denting or scratches? Like others, you want to do so.

To get your job done, you need to put a bed liner on your truck bed so that nothing can damage even the silly part of your truck bed.

So, we can easily guess the importance of installing a bed liner on your truck bed. Never try to ignore it.

The installation process

There are some steps to complete the mission, from painting to protect the truck bed liner. The steps are obvious and simple. Let’s move into the final shot.


The DualLiner loadguard component is perfect that snaps into place for most truck models available in the market.

Most importantly, all DualLiner bed liner elements can be customized to fit each vehicle; the loadguard may be a bit snug.

When you find problems getting the loadguard near your truck’s factory tie-downs, don’t worry and just install one side, get your hand behind the loadguard, gently bend it to give you some extra room, and slide the other side into position.


All you should have to do on trucks with welded-in tie downs is to snap the sidewalls into the place.

When your truck comes with the bolt-in tie-downs, release them first, snap the sidewalls into the place, and finally re-install the tie downs.

Most importantly, you have to ensure that you get the sidewalls aligned properly before tightening the bolts.


The skid-free rubber bed mat that features DualLiner bed liner tends to be very easy to install.
Now, you have to get it locked into the channels at the bottom of the sidewalls.

The rubber mat’s cleated bottom increases airflow and bar water from floating under the mat to hinder corrosion.


For most truck models available in the market, simply release the tailgate bolts that line up with the DualLiner tailgate protector’s holes.

There might be anywhere from 3 to 11 bolts, but it absolutely depends on your vehicle model.
But make sure that it won’t be over-torque the bolts because the sheet metal is easily stripped.

However, some truck models also ship with double-sided tape or optional drill-in pine tree fasteners for trucks with few factory bolts.



It is an intensive duty for the truck owners to protect their trucks from scratches and dents. However, people are not conscious of this crucial issue.

Installing a good quality truck bed liner on your truck bed is a very wise job to be done for truck owners.

So, learning how to install a truck bed liner is effective in this regard. To know more in details about the truck bed liner, visit this site