How to See your Likes on Instagram on Computer?

How to See your Likes on Instagram on Computer

Instagram is one of the top five social media platforms, which is compatible with mobile and desktop.

It looks easy to install its app from the Google play store and use it on mobile after login into your account. But using, on PC is different from using on mobile apps.

Instagram works the same as Facebook; we can promote our business; can share our thoughts, ideas, pictures, and text messages on our timeline to show our customers and friends.

People promote their business pages and making their page trustworthy if they can buyreal instagram likes.

Your likes play a vital role in achieving your targets; you need proper monitoring of your likes to quickly reach your goals.

It is easy to monitor on mobiles but a little bit different on the computer. We will help you in the below content to know how you can see your Instagram likes on a computer.

What are the Ways to see Instagram Likes on your computer?

What are the Ways to see Instagram Likes on your computer

If you want to see your instagram likes on your computer, follow these two simple ways and see your PC’s instagram likes.

How to see Instagram likes on a computer using a browser extension

We mostly deal with things on a computer using different browser extensions such as Google Chrome, opera mini, etc.

But there are no apps use on browser extensions, then how can we get access to know about our likes on such browsers?

There is an advanced layout for the extension available for web versions of Instagram to use on browsers.

Instagram version on web browsers not works well and difficult to operate, but these extensions make it possible for you to perform Instagram functions such as to view like of your Instagram on Browser.

On the browser version, just use three dots that will appear on the right corner of the extension and get access to see your likes on Instagram. There are many other functions access also provided to you from this menu.

How to see your Instagram Likes using App for PC?

How to see your Instagram Likes using App for PC

If you want to use apps on your computer, then Microsoft store has a solution for you. Windows 10 offers you an excellent store where a lot of apps are available.

You can also find the Instagram app from that store and can use it on your computer.

Download Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 computer and find the Instagram app, now install this app on your computer and use the almost same app as the mobile app of Instagram.

While using the PC Instagram app, you will see the same layout of the app, such as upload photos, videos, and feeds on the top of the page.

While on the bottom, you will see a menu to access your home page, view your profile, search for social networks, and access likes.

Manage all the functions regarding your likes by clicking on that menu at the bottom of the app.

Final Thoughts:

Instagram app is compatible with Mobile and PC, but using it on PC is somehow difficult. But by using Microsoft store or browser extensions, you can get access to all the functions on your computer such, as to see likes for Instagram.