Ideas for Decorating with Bed Sheets

Ideas for Decorating with Bed Sheets

Home decorating fabric can easily cost $10.00 a yard or more. Ready made draperies can also be very expensive. If you are on a budget, you can use bed sheets, which, with a little shopping around, can be found quite inexpensively and you get a lot more yardage. Sheets can be used just as easily for formal decorating as informal, and work in both adult and children rooms.

Ideas for decorating a child’s room with bedsheets: If your son wants a Spider Man room, for instance, you would of course purchase a Spider Man bedroom set. This is a great start. You can fill out the room’s decor theme by purchasing a second or even third set. Use the flat sheets to make window panels, cutting the sheet in half if the panel is too wide. You can also remove the elastic from the extra fitted sheet to make more window treatments. Other things you can do with the sheet fabric is cover a plain lampshade, create a tapestry by sewing trim onto a 4X6 section of sheet and hanging it on the wall, or upholstering a headboard. For a very dramatic room, you can hang a curtain rod from one corner to the other across a wall and hang sheets from it like curtains.

Decorating with Bed Sheets

Ideas for decorating an adults bedroom with bedsheets: Purchase several sheet sets, or a pile of flat sheets to coordinate with the set you are putting on her bed. This means they should all have the same basic colors, but in different patterns. You may want a solid color, a plaid, and a floral or other print. For window treatments, cut your sheets into wide bands and sew them back together creating stripes. They can be horizontal or vertical. Using the same wide stripe pattern, create a duvet to cover and old comforter. One side of the duvet can be from a solid sheet, and the other side from your new striped fabric. Use leftover fabric to cover artists canvases which you can arrange on the wall to make an interesting vignette, find more info.

Ideas for decorating your living room with bedsheets: You can also create an elegant living room using bedsheets as well. The first thing you need to do is choose the correct bedsheets. Find sheets that have a nice sheen, but aren’t too satiny. You will probably want to stick to solid colors, and perhaps if it fits your style, something with eyelet trim. For window treatments simply purchase a rod that comes with rings and clips. A fancy rod such will automatically make your sheets look like window treatments. With leftover fabric, you can dress a round glass topped table, or perhaps make a table runner for a side table. You can also re-cover old pillows with your bed sheet remnants.