My Top 5 Coffee Places in New Delhi, India

My Top 5 Coffee Places in New Delhi, India

Cafes of all kinds have mushroomed in Delhi- franchise chains, posh stand alone outlets and luxury zones in star hotels. Below is my list of the top 5 places to stop by for coffee in Delhi (alphabetically).

1. American Diner; India Habitat Center: A tiny L-shaped place filled with a mish mash of sofa booths, tables and bar stools; the Diner is always full. They have a menu filled with breakfast and other food options but I recommend you pick a coffee or a cocktail. Coffee at the diner is full of flavor. You taste it best unsweetened. Cost for two coffees: Approx. U$ 10

2. Big Chill; GK, Khan Market and Saket Select City: Buried in its extensive pizza and pasta menu options are some interesting coffee and chocolate drinks. I recommend you try the chocolate. The hot chocolate, served in a large white mug is divine and if you are in the mood for something cold, try the Columbian Mocha Shake. Cost for two chocolate drinks: Approx. U$ 10

3. CafĂ© Coffee Day; chain: The purple signboard with red lettering marks the outlets scattered all over Delhi. Pick from the long list of ‘chinos (cappu, mocha..) or go in for an espresso if you like it strong. They have nice sandwiches with crispy fries if you are in the mood for a snack. My favorite outlet with outdoor seating and lots of greenery is located opposite Taj Palace Hotel, Sardar Patel Marg. Cost for two coffees: Approx. U$ 5

4. Patisserie and Delicatessen; The Oberoi: Are you in the mood for an upper crust coffee experience? Head to the Patisserie. It is essentially the hotel’s cake and chocolate shop, albeit huge, know more. Browse through a mouth watering selection of pastries, cakes, salads and cuts before you finally settle down with your cup. There are only 4-5 tables. Cost for two coffees: Approx. U$ 20 5.

Vending machines; railway stations, roadside kiosks: A box-like aluminum contraption with pipes, it will shake and puff steam before your coffee is poured into a tiny plastic cup and sprinkled with cocoa powder. A rare sight these days, it was how coffee was in India a decade ago. Find one in a government run shop or a road side stall and taste the average north Indian coffee hot enough to burn your tongue. Cost for two coffees: 50 cents