Six Sources of Personal Motivation

Six-Sources of Personal Motivation

Personal motivation motives vary dramatically from one individual to another. When seeking to understand you own motivation triggers, or the motivation triggers of someone else, it is important to identify the underlying this source of one’s motivation.

Personal Motivation Motive #1 – Autonomy

Many individuals are motivated by the the need for autonomy. These individuals act independently and try to express creativity. These individuals not only need independence, but they also tend to take the initiative to develop new methods and ideas. These are not individuals who are motivated by the “color inside the lines” mentality, but prefer to do their own thing.

Personal Motivation Motive

Personal Motivation Motive #2 – Security

For other individuals, the motivator of security is a driving force behind most choices and actions they take. Whether it is job security, or status, this is a strong motivator for many. Those that are driven by a security-based motivator tend to be drawn to more stable enviroments and to more predictable conditions. These individuals tend to thrive in a more planned and predictable atmosphere and are rarely one to act impulsively.

Personal Motivation Motive #3 – Achievement

Those fueled by the achievement motive tend to take risks to achieve, and see, tangible and signifigant results. This motivator can cause stress to those around this individual as these individuals are usually very high-energy and focused on their goal achievement.

Personal Motivation Motive #4 – Balance

Choices by individuals looking for balance are those that place equal emphasis on work and and non-work activities. They place equal importance to their time relaxing as they do on their time working.

Personal Motivation Motive #5 – Power

One with a power motive drives to seek out opportunities for recognition, prestige, and control. This motivator causes this individual to seek signs of success in others’ eyes and drives this person to lead and set direction for others.

Personal Motivation Motive #6 – Relationship

Personal Motivation Motive #6 - Relationship

The relationship motivated individual is also commonly known as a “people person”. This individual seeks to relate to, and help others, and is one to foster harmony within the relationships he/she circles in. Commonly referred to as the “peace keeper”, the relationship-motivated individual tends to make more choices based on others needs than based on their own needs.

Personal motivations are as individual and unique as each individual personality. Next time you ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?”, you may find your answer within one of these six personal motivators.